Consider gaining?

For the past 9 years, I’ve considered becoming a gainer myself, or at the very least, gaining weight in general, but I’ve had trouble deciding whether or not I should, because, well, it’s REALLY hard to go back if you don’t like it.

Anywho, I finally decided to gain weight, kinda. Right now I am taking baby steps, slowly gaining weight, and in general just trying to ease into it, seeing if I like it.

Finally, since I’ve been doing this for about year now I started to wonder, “who else wanted to gain weight too?” so I made this topic to ask if y’all have ever wanted to, or if you are doing it, and, in general, your thoughts on it.

As a side note, I’ve gained 20 pounds so far, and I’m decently happy about it

I know this is your descision, but I urge everyone, do not base your entire life around your fetish. I have seen lives destroyed by this kind of thing. Please keep things in the realm of fantasy where it can’t harm anyone.


Like i said in a previous form i have been put on and off about gaining weight myself so in all honest opinion your probably taking the best approach to this as i can see so it doesn’t do too much damage to yourself so i hope it goes well for you dude.

But tombot has a fair point to a certain degree try and not become to obsessed about gaining as it might do more harm to you in the long run…

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Make sure to stay HEALTHY while you gain, unless you’re planning on becoming an immobile slob that has to have someone take care of you, or fighting with tons of different health problems, etc.


I agree
If you’re going to do this make sure it is what you want and you will accept the consequences therein, including that you maintain health even if you go into the ssb(bw\hm) range
If you want to test it out without gaining weight, try layering yourself in winter gear and stuff it with weighted pillows to simulate it

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I’ve been wanting to gain for quite a while now, but life keeps getting in the way. I’d love nothing more than to end up as some fatass blob. But I wish you the best with your own gain, fast or slow, the important part is that you enjoy it.

It seems to me that some of you are not prepared for the real-life consequences of your actions. Life is not like a weight-gain story you read on deviant art, It’s not just journey-destination. your life may become majorly effected by this and the very real chance of an early death or life altering condition like heart disease or diabetes. It’s not worth throwing away your health and well-being for a fetish, I don’t care how anyone else puts it, there is no reason to do this.

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Well, I wanted to reply to you all much earlier, but since I am a new member, I ran out of posts, but now I can, and I would like to say a few things.

  1. Tombot, you make a good point, and fetishes can be risky to pursue, and so I am glad you pointed this out. I am also surprised, in a good way, on how much you care about the well being of people, most people would simply walk away, but I am happy that you try to save people’s lives.

  2. Now, while I am happy for people like Tombot here warning us, there is a lot of tiny things you have to take into account, like, how fat are we talking about? 300-400? Or maybe 800? perhaps even a measly 200. as for me, I would float around the 300-400 pound range, as my main goal, which I know isn’t healthy still, but I want to clarify, that I do get the risks, and as far as everyone else goes, pursue your goals and dreams, but remember, with every plus, there is a down, sometimes more extreme than others.

  3. As for this last part, I will list out multiple smaller things. I should have clarified at the beginning, I originally wanted to ask y’all about y’alls thoughts of weight gain as a whole, not me in particular, now granted, some of you know this, but this is just to clarify for those who think I’m just asking about me and my gain, not trying to be rude, but that is what I meant to say. I also have to clarify, again, the fact that I said baby steps, so essentially, if it gets too much, I don’t like it, or I see some serious condition, I might quit, but by no means am I rushing to become 350, right now it’s more of, if I gain weight, I gain weight, and we see how it goes. Finally, I want to say thank you to the kindness of all of you, and I am happy that y’all care about people’s lives.

Well, just wanted to say all of that, thanks for reading this, remember to realize the consequences, but at the same time, go for what you want most. Unless you want to kill someone. Then maybe don’t do that.



The majority of us do understand the health risks already to the point your not saying anything new that we haven’t heard before and that we understand already understand the consequences of what will happen as we gain , It’s our choice if we decide to do it to our own bodies and also hearing the same thing over and over again constantly will more likely do the opposite Tombot as people will eventually get sick and tired of hearing it!

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On one hand, the community knows nothing and doesn’t care about fitness, health, nutrition or the consequences on themselves or others. You always see people saying tight pants will magically give you a double belly, pregnant feedees thinking it’s the perfect occasion to get a giant belly and others thinking some yoga stretches counts as exercise.

On the other hand, I’m not going to waste my time on telling people what’s right, not because it’s a ‘personal’ choice but because gaining or being healthy require serious commitment. And you can’t help those who won’t help themselves.

So just enjoy the gain.

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People are dying because of dismissive attitudes like this, should I be the only one here trying to help people?


While you mean well, you should take a step back:
1 - You know little to nothing about the person gaining.
2 - You are on a fetish website which revolves around it.
3 - You can only comment or message them as a complete stranger.

Truth is, you’ll most likely come off as annoying or redundant. If someone posts their progress for example, it’s to get compliments, and you would be sticking out as the health expert (just saying what most people would think, when seeing health comments).


Gaining is objectively unhealthy, (unless OP is straight-up anorexic/bulimic), which is why anyone who does it should do so carefully.
Sure, we don’t know OP’s full story, but we care enough not to let someone stuff themselves with 50lbs of dollar store burritos every day, or downing five tubs of ice cream at every meal without at least reminding them to be careful.


Sure, but my comment was about Tombot’s tone.

There’s nothing wrong with posting a gentle reminder, but he sounded way too concerned over something essentially out of his control.

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Why should I not be concerned?

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Now I know I’m a lowly new guy, but how about we stop arguing? I mean, it won’t solve anything.


Sorry if my tone sounded harsh, wasn’t meant to sound like that.

Well mayhaps some of us should set up a health tips section or page
It would be useful at the least and may have a section on how to gain in a healthy manner
But that’s just me
Edit if I knew how to I would and considering my lack of knowledge and time, yeah it would be unreliable at best and at worst stuff already common sense that doesn’t need speaking of

You mean like muscle fat? Healthy food fat? Or just like 20 pounds extra. Not trying to sound snappy btw.

Well, in any case, if you really want to show people that, i highly advise you to open up a page, as that can be a cool thing to share! Now, as a tip, try not to sound like you are making people do what you say, and thank you for all of you for the feedback on this post!

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