Corrupted Powers -Not Dead



Hi everyone sorry about the major delays in communication. My project Corrupted Powers is still being worked on, but has been switched over to a visual novel format. I was finding that making maps was taking way too long for RPG Maker, and the game is more story based than anything so I switched engines.

What exactly is Corrupted Powers again? As stated above, the game is going to be in visual novel format. As a player/reader you will have plenty of choices to choose your overall path through the adventure. Every choice counts and changes something within the story. Some elements I had planned for the project have been scaled back since it is no longer in a RPG format. There will be a demo/prologue to the story available within a week. I also plan to have the entire project voiced. See you all in a week.

#3, zippyshare, dropbox all come to mind


im happy to hear the game isnt dead,i really like the game


Is there a link up and running yet?


do you have a link on dropbox or mega?


what this game about again?


Still Not Dead

Here’s what’s been happening with this project:

  • I’ve invested/spent a lot on programs and assets to ensure that everything included within the game is allowed to be there outside of music. I was using The Sims 4 for character creation, but between the constant updates, the horrendous load times, and the grey area of using others assets to create things were all becoming a burden. I switched to an actual 3D character modeling/creating software and am in the process of redoing the characters within that program so I can truly say they are my own and so I don’t potentially get hit with EAs legal team down the road.

  • The game is still being made in visual novel maker, but is being made more as an “open world” of sorts as you will be able to freely go around the city as you please mixed in with the main story. I’m working on a large branching world setup and will hopefully have something to show soon.

  • The game is still following Madeline and her friends through their adventure and every decision you make will have the potential to change what happens. (Pending it does not melt down the novel maker with Tom many decisions).

More to be posted tonight.


whoa that’s amazing cant wait to see more


hope it all works out mate. sounds like your putting in a lot of time into it


I’m slowly getting it the way I’d like it to be. I’m also testing out animated characters as the novel maker supports animation.


Here’s a crude flow chart of some of the scene locations in the project. This is mainly so I can get the areas connected together properly. Since this is planned to be a story based game with choice and a mostly free roam map based on your actions, some areas will remain walled off or hidden until conditions are met. This is still going to take a good deal of time but I will try to get things finished as quickly as time allows without sacrificing quality to do so.

I’m also not great at creating my own characters ATM so expect textures/meshes to be messed up at least until I can get better at it.