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This is looking great like Tainted Elysium 2 Great


What would you all like to see included in this other than what is currently visible? Please let me know and I’ll see if i can find a way to include what is requested.

The body scan area is subject to change based on what is ultimately added to the game. Some things that will be worked on after the first few main chapters are done include the shops and the ability to add to or change “Madeline” even further. For now the main focus is on getting the game into a playable state that goes from point A to point B.


I would like to have the ability to stuff her belly by buying food from the shop and having her eat a lot


Maybe you could change the existing time system (I see it says ‘1000’ at the top there next to the ‘time’ thing) to like an AM/PM regular clock system? I dunno, that’s the only thing that I would change about the UI at the moment.


I probably will be doing something along those lines. Every major action will advance the time in some manner.


I want to start with providing character bios on the days I have little time to work on this so I get something out nearly every day.

The first group I’m going to cover are the members of The Family.

The Family are the main antagonists within the game. They are the people who preside over the city of Sprucewood in a oligarchy like manner. One member in particular created all the androids which are running various parts of the city. Legend has it that The Family may be immortal due to a magical barrier protecting them from outside influences. No one has ever seen the rumored barrier though and thus it remains just a tall tale made up by the members of the lower classes of society in the city. Others think all of The Family are not human at all but robots. The only fear all members of The Family have is of Her. The one that could end their reign of power over the region as she was the one who gave them the power in the beginning.


Cant Wait for the release!


Character Bio Day 2: Lenny

Lenny is the oldest of his siblings. He runs Lenny Enterprises in the city which oversees all of the businesses within the region. He also has full control over the androids that provide safety, maintenance, entertainment, commerce, and health services within the city. Lenny symbolizes the deadly sin of Greed as he can never get enough money and property under his control.



I spent the evening trying to hook up variables with no experience doing so in the past and have made the following progress through trial and error:

  • The clock is in 24h format. Every 60 minutes the clock adds an hour as it should and after 24 hours a new day is added to the talley it as should do too. This means I can start to add in time specific events much quicker now.

  • Each food item has a calorie count, hunger satisfaction amount, possible thirst satisfaction amount, and a bowel/bladder variable tied to it. Each time the player makes the character eat a food item with these values, the game now adds/subtracts those values to the appropriate variables, adds an amount of time spent eating/drinking based on food size, and checks to see if the calories ingested allow for weight gain or loss.

These advancements while small are very significant and will allow for increased speed for adding new content to the game from here on out dependent on these things.

  • I plan on working on the bowel/bladder mechanics, tiredness, mental states, and organ states within the week and will post another update like this when those are completed enough to actually use them.


Character Bio Day 3: Cassandra

Cassandra is the eldest of her siblings and is in control of the Red Light “District” within the city. She is often found in the strip club doling out orders to her group of fellow strippers, Cassandra’s Kittens. She symbolizes Lust appropriately enough. Often working behind the scenes, she shows up when her Kittens are in trouble or cannot handle what was given to them.


What type of graphical interface would you like to most see within the body scan section of the UI?

  • Side View
  • Front View
  • Internal View
  • Combination of views
  • Other - Please Comment

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So I found out how to use meshes from other sources tonight. This should allow for nicer looking characters.

Photo is of a random hair I converted from a Skyrim mod over to the 3D program I’m using. I’ve converted other things too so far. Should allow for better scene control and visual storytelling. Recreation of the characters is going to take the most time in the development process. I will provide updates as milestones are reached and parts are roughly finished. Hopefully a playable demo build should be available within a month with my limited time to work on this taken into consideration. The demo when released should provide a good picture of how various game systems work together minus the story. I will be releasing the story and the bulk of the main game in chapter chunks as they are finished. The first chunk will go up until the shops are all accessible in the city so you all can mess around with it as I work on the next big update.


Also it looks like you all would like to stick with the side view I hinted at a while back. I’m going to keep the poll going to see what comes out on top after 24 hours.


Can I ask about the setting of place and time of your game?


The setting is a bit of a mystery and ties in with a certain plot point. It will take place though mostly in an urban area. The time though is modern time. 1990s-2000s. It’s a bit of an alternate timeline though as various things like working androids and fully automated systems do exist while other technology is still the same.


Small yet important update:

  • I have 1/2 a time system implemented currently that advances by itself. Currently it is set at 30 seconds per real world minute. Actual in game events will increase the time elapsed greatly so the game will not feel like it’s going nowhere. There will also be sleeping implemented at some point to also make the time go by.

  • Included in that, each in game minute tweaks hunger, thirst, bladder, and bowel needs a small amount to add realism and slowly increase needs. Madeline will also burn a small amount of calories automatically every minute so she can’t just keep gaining weight like magic. She will have to eat/drink something to add more calories.

  • All foods and drinks will have a fullness variable which in turn also keeps Madeline (and the player by extension) from continually giving her(self) food into a bottomless pit. Each minute a small amount of that will also be regained and within a couple of actual minutes more food/drink can be eaten.

  • For all calories eaten over 3000, every 30 seconds a check is done and 1/10th of a pound is added to the character. After 5 minutes an extra pound is automatically added if the calories eaten stay over 3000. Certain foods and items will automatically add/remove weight so this is simply to keep the numbers from staying stagnant for too long and to simulate real world gain just in a shorter condensed amount of time. The inverse can be said if the character falls under 1500 total calories.

  • All amounts can and probably will be tweaked over time if things are not working correctly or it is too easy/too difficult to gain or lose weight.


Should there be a text only clothing system that requires the player to get larger size clothing for the character should the ones being worn get too small or rip?

  • Yes
  • No

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I voted Yes for the clothing system; but I know it can be a PITA to get working so I just wanted to say it isn’t necessary, just a nice to have.


Thank you for commenting!

I know it’s going to be a little bit of a challenge, but hopefully it won’t be above what i already know/can learn about RPG Maker. I’m hoping to have four sections. One for bras, one for underwear, one for lower body, and finally one for upper body. Once I get the framework done I’ll be able to add the images in.


Just a visual update on the status of the UI. Still work to be done but getting there!


A fully fleshed out stuffing simulator done within RPGmaker?
Sign me up.