Corrupted Powers -Not Dead



Although story based, yes you can after the prologue and first couple of chapters do what you want to her. If you don’t want to continue the story you won’t have to, though the game is being designed with the story and player choices in mind.


I have made some more progress towards the prologue. I have added a floating box within the character window which will state where the player is along with any items the player can “interact” with and any exits or paths leading from the location. That being said, if logically the player needs to get dressed to head to work you could choose to just leave the screen while wearing just underwear and see how that plays out. Like stated before the prologue is fully written as is the first chapter leading up to the fully open interactivity portion. Once I get all the characters rendered and a good amount of customization available for the player character I will release those portions. I will provide a skip for those who do not want to go through the prologue but it will be recommended as continuing onward may prove to be a bit confusing.


Here’s what each of the variables does that you can see in the game window:

  • Age is the age of the player character. It can increase over time if played long enough.

  • Weight displays how heavy the player character is. Many things will change this variable.

  • Height displays how tall the character is. At the current time this cannot be changed.

  • Calories displays extactly how many active calories there are in the player character that that time. Get them too high the character will gain weight. Too low the character will lose weight. Hit 0 and the game will end.

  • Hunger and thirst display how hungry or thirsty the character is.

  • Bladder and bowel display how much in need the character is for a restroom or other methods.

  • Sanity displays the mindset of the character. If it dips too low odd stuff might end up happening. You take pills to offset this from dipping.

  • Heart, lung, and liver are all displays of how healthy the character is. Take too many controlled substances, the heart will degrade. Smoke too much the lungs will degrade. Drink too much the liver will degrade. Get too unhealthy and don’t visit The Doctor you will get a game over.

  • Fullness indicates how full the player character’s stomach is at the current time.

  • Cash Available is how much money you have to spend.

  • Threat level indicates how much of a perceived threat you are to the leaders of the city. The higher the threat the more security measures that are enacted.

  • Trust level is the overall trust you have in the city. Each person and non human has a different level of trust in you. The higher the trust the better the chances they will be more willing to do things for you. You can artificially boost the overall trust by dispatching those who are distrustful in a private manner though chances like that are far an few between.

  • City function is an overall indicator of how well the city is running. This is comprised of the number of service androids still active and the number of power substations still in service.

  • Overall Karma shows which moral side you are on. If you do more bad deeds vs good you will be seen in a different light than if you do more good deeds.

  • Good Deeds and Evil Deeds count the overall number of things you have done that could make a change in the outcome of the story.

  • Sexual Deviance shows how likely it is for you to be able to make the player character do more risqué things. The higher the number the less pure the character is seen by others.

  • The seven deadly sins: as the numbers increase based on player action or inaction certain options may open up to the player that were otherwise unavailable before.

Like stated before in between events you will be able to do what you want with the character and take as long as you want before continuing.


This game will be only on pc or it will be on Android too?


Will you be creating a demo of the game soon?


Just PC for now. I don’t know about Mac as I don’t own one and cannot test on the platform. As for Android systems, the games files will most likely be too large to properly work on a phone or tablet though I may look into it as it nears completion whenever that may be.


I’m in the process of doing that at the current moment. I have very small windows of free time each week after work and have been working on this during those times. I’m hoping o can knock out a sizable chunk this evening so I can be all that much closer to releasing something tangible.


It would be very cool if you made a game on your phone:p I dont have juat for now pc and only my playable weight gain games platform its a phone:( By the way, can I donate you somewhere or something like that?


Give him time to develop this PC version dude, this is being built in RPGmaker which is meant for PC.


I’ll look into it. I may be able to do something else down the road with the same project.


Looks like someone forgot to get dressed before going to work…
Two of the 50+ characters within the project. Benny and the player character. Still working on Benny.


I have launched the project page on Patreon. Any funds donated will be used to continue work on this project. They will not be used in any other capacity.


Do you have any plans for a feature to toggle certain values on or off? As nice as the in-depth character management sounds, I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the prospect of being constantly reminded that my character needs to take a dump.


Yes I do. At the start all function tracking is off. As the story progresses they get switched on. It may have been on the old fourm right before it crashed but I got the same question about the waste management system. When the time comes to switch it on, it will ask the player if they want to or not.

The entire thing isn’t a big part of the game but just kind of a side thing. As for the hunger and thirst it will need to be on otherwise at this moment it will break the rest of what is set up. Though I probably will include a point to enter in a different value for those variables so you can shut off the constant, yet slow and manageable need to get something to eat and drink. It won’t be along the lines of FO76 worries though. The numbers take away a small amount every 30 real world seconds while not in a scripted event and it would take almost 20 real world minutes outside of events and such to even have the need for your character to eat or drink as it is.


Would you like an option to have an alternate game as well within the game that just revolves around stuffing and gaining?

  • Yes
  • No

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As long as it doesn’t retract too much time from your work on the main project, a mini-game to break up the pace might not be a bad idea!


I’d say focus on the fundamentals.


Currently working on transferring meshes from Daz3D into my character renderer of choice. I also have made some more progress with the prologue and once I get these meshes converted over I will be using them on the characters and then rendering them. I won’t have any time tomorrow to do any work so Wednesday is the earliest I can get back to this project.


Still working on characters and my other project/demo as time allows…

How do you feel about the graphics? Should they be like this…

OR lower res/ no graphics outside of main characters (background ones are kept in shadow or are generic looking)

  • Yes detailed is great
  • Detailed is ok, but low res is too
  • Graphics drawn by my toaster/ no graphics at all are best

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Another small update… I now have enough clothing options available (purchased) at my disposal to start getting my other core characters created. Again my hang ups are time and money so as the time allows and the $$ allows portions will be worked on and completed. Based on the poll thus far it looks like things are fairly well split. My personal thought is to have higher res images of characters seen in mock “loading” screens between sections and slightly lower res but still 1080p rendered images within the game itself but shrunk down so they maintain a decent look with a smaller file size. For unfinished characters I’ll probably have a placeholder so I can get things all together without having to wait every few days to finish another character.