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how long till the demo comes out?


Please do not ask for updates or time frames as stated in our faq. It will come out when the dev feels it is ready so please be patient.


Maps & Their Importance

While creating and play testing my work I was finding that keeping tabs on where you currently are in the game world was nearly impossible. Things were not easy to follow and I ended up getting lost. To that extent I am adding an overarching map to the game that the player can move around in just like you normally would in most RPG Maker games. Once you reach an area with dialogue, the game will switch into close ups with the characters. As for the stats and other information windows they will still be present, but will be able to be shown and hidden easily as to not clutter everything up. I will also be able to add much more to the game this way. I know it has changed a lot over time but most games do. I have the rough map included above in this comment stack. I will test the map once done with parallax included to see how much detail I can add without killing performance.


What type of OS do you use?

  • Windows XP or older
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • MacOS
  • Phone/Tablet/Chrome

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Thanks! This will help me when I go to compile the game.


Thank you all for the input. I’ll be sure to try and make a few different versions of the game so it can be played on nearly any system. If it stays small enough I could try to get it hosted online for play.


Here’s what’s going to be accessible in the first download for Alpha 0.1 of the game when it is released at some point in the future. The map is just a placeholder through the Alpha stages.


Alpha 0.1 should be out tonight. It won’t be anything special. Just more of a proof of concept and a “hey I’m actually working on this” sort of build.


I’m sorry I forgot the password… it is: “corrupt”

Alpha 0.1:!CRIxVYzC!zYNjz4sh7GB2bbsGpToErGGehKI2vyL8vzICD2WKUJA

The game will load up and once you get past the story text it will put the player on the map. There isn’t much to do other than move around and go towards the two points of interest flashing over to the right. You can enter a shop and buy a burger or a drink and you can go to the motel to sleep to advance the day and get more money to buy more food with. It’s all really simple stuff. The face image does change once you get the character uncomfortable and the body image will change a little if you stuff the character with enough food. The day and time variables all advance at a semi rapid pace for now and in turn other variables change based on time elapsed and the amount of food eaten. Weight can increase though for now there aren’t any images that show that change.


Not sure if you know but, there’s a password on the game. If you do know that there is, could you please give the password?


Yeah uhh, theres a password and i cant open it without the password XD


the password is “corrupt”


“corrupt” is the password


Not sure how feasible this is, but would a sandbox mode of sorts be an option? where you dont have to follow any kind of plot, and can just fatten the girls in the game at your own pace?


Possibly. I’ll look into it. Being free rein, you won’t have to finish the story, but you will have to do some of it to get to the sandbox features.

  1. Next update will include relationship options. What do those entail?:
  • Each NPC will have a numerical relationship with the player character. You start at 0. If you do things that the one NPC likes you’ll create a better standing with that NPC. If you do things the NPC doesn’t like, that number will drop. Your overall trust level stat will take all of those relationship values and average them out. You will be able to gain relationship points by giving NPCs things they like, or by doing things for them. Likewise if you help someone another NPC doesn’t like or refuse to do something for someone you’ll lose points. The higher the number the more likely those NPCs will do you favors.
  1. The next part of the story will be completed.
  • There will be story elements added which will advance the plot for the optionally completed story. Once you reach a certain point early in the story a small area will unlock for you which will allow the player to do what they want for how ever long they want. More areas will unlock later in the story which will provide more to do overall, but the entire story won’t be required to unlock all the functional areas.
  1. There will be NPC images added along side more changes for the player character.
  • The body and face windows will have more variety to them. Several NPC characters will be added with several different images for each.


is there a download for the game? If so, where?


It’s just a basic shell right now. Not much available as of yet.


gaining/stuffing at least? (i dont expect nor want that much story)

EDIT also thanks for making it a zip format. i dont have winrar. Ive seen a good few games that use it for some reason.


“credits” is asking for a password? Is it a patreon thing or can i get the password?


The password is “corrupt” for the zip file.

I plan on including it. Once I get a framework down for everything I will include an option to jump straight to the “action”. May create two seperate maps with the same things just one is story oriented and the other not so much. The story though will contain a lot of stuff relating to other kinks as well as gaining and stuffing so I’m not trying to make it boring or drawn out.