Corrupted Powers -Not Dead



Ill try it, not doubting you but its not the overall file that needs the password, every individual thing within needs it

EDIT, it just asked for it for credits this time. I guess it just automatically tried it for all of them?


also sorry for spam replies and this is kinda a nitpick but



Just wanna say the game looks fantastic, Looking forward for future updates.


There will be an option to at some point


Thank you. I’m glad you like it.


I started working on content for the next update earlier tonight. Once completed, it will have the start of a relationship system as outlined above and will include the entire prologue as well as up until you enter the city of Sprucewood (the main area of the game). The update will be released through Patreon for free and a link will be provided here to access it. I know everyone has different play styles and wants from a game. I am going to provide both a story based game as IMO there aren’t as many of them out there for those who want to have a plot and characters; as well as create an openish world where you can avoid the story and do as you please. Being that I’m trying to do both, the story will be coming first in development. Once that is completed I will release a version void of all story elements for those who want it. The story version will still have open world like traits and the player will be able to advance the plot at their own leisure so it won’t all be just advance the plot by clicking. More to come on a release date for this update as I get closer to finishing it.

Anna is one of the upcoming characters in the update.


The concept of the game is really unique. I also think that the game gets a good variety because everyone can add their own variation. compliments for this. By the way i love the character.


Thank you for your comment.


Little update… just wanted to let you all know that the opening text and the prologue will be skipable in the next release. It isn’t necessary to read the opening as much, but it is recommended that you go through the prologue at least once as many things within the remainder of the story may be highly confusing otherwise. If the prologue is skipped, you will be able to choose the options you would have made throughout it, but again they may not make much sense without the context behind them. Second thing is the prologue while explaining what occurs won’t have weight gain as it is mostly on rails until you get into Sprucewood.


What other fetishes would you potentially like to see within the game?

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Keep in mind any illegal or questionable content will not be included and will never be included.


Transformation maybe? The more corrupted you become the more you could change or something like that.


Wait so for the 3d model in the demo; Is it done or are you going to render it better for the full release


Maybe some tfs that give your character new abilities?..


Gts and stuffs? i wouldn’t mind to find a very tall girl or a way for your girl to become taller.


The choice you make in the game or the items you receive influence which body parts change


Choosing specific body types, like if a character is an hourglass their weight mostly goes to their breasts and hips and only a little goes everywhere else, or a top heavy character that gains weight mostly in their breasts.


Perhaps a “desirability” bar that impacts other characters views of your character. Ex: you get messy and are lazy with certain things. Some will find you less desirable.


Maybe height growth but to a certain degree like a limited to 9 feet
Maybe 24ft to max after you complete a curtain quest


inflation and the ability to inflate and feed companions


I have plans to implement this in the future. Each deadly sin will have an adverse effect on the character and in turn physical changes.