Corrupted Powers -Not Dead


Was thinking of doing something similar. Some items will cause unexpected changes in the character and NPCs in the future.

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The characters height is fixed for now but there is a reason why I’ve added it into the stats. I have plans to add height based changes and effects after the main story is finished in some way.


Items will certainly change your stats and or your physical being. Some actions may also change the way your character changes as well.


This is probably going to be the hardest to implement with the sheer number of pictures needed for just the base transformations. I’m going to look into it, it just may take quite a while.


Already being worked on with the relationships update.


I have height planned for a post story update, but In terms of hyper growth I’m not sure it could fit in as well with this project in general. I’ll see what I can do.


Already planned and working on it.


Ok if you can’t that’s fine with me either way I’m fine I was just seeing if it was ok or thanks for the reply back on this


Awesome. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet but hope to test what you have soon. It looks very interesting!


Thank you. I’d recommend waiting until the update comes out. There will be far more to do. The first release was more of a proof of concept/ I’ve been working on this release as I didn’t want to go longer with nothing physical to show. The desirability aspects you suggested will be in the update somewhat with Sarah (Envy) being very into the player and everything they do should they be nice to her. You unlock the east district first in the game and she’s the leader of the area so you should be able to have plenty of contact with her. Else she refuses to even interact with you. Anna (Sloth), another NPC met in the update won’t have much to her yet.


Great! I will do that. Is there am ETA for the update?


There is no set time for it as I work nearly all day, however I hope to have it out before the end of April.


Introducing Sarah.

She’s an envious character who will stop at nothing to have what others have, even at her own detriment.
You will be “meeting” Anna and Sarah in the next update which will be linked to once finished.


A brief update:

I’ve been incredibly busy for the past month with work and haven’t had time to get anything done. Once I get a substantial amount worked on i will release another update. This is not being canceled or forgotten it is simply delayed. One question I have though is how big is too big for a character or is there even a limit to how big one could potentially get?


Maybe the limit should be as big as possible before it starts to break the story. If you have a narrative that works with your character being 1000+ pounds without forcing everyone to come to your home, I don’t see a problem with them being that big.


Personally I’d prefer to keep the size realistic, like maybe up to 250ish pounds. I like big girls, but not TOO big :man_shrugging:t3:


I think the size should be realistic enough for the character to not be at a weight where they should be immobile. Maybe around 600 pounds


If you make it possible for the characters to get arbitrarily large, then it seems like that gives people the most options. People that want them large but not too large just don’t have to let them get larger than they want. People that want them huge can make that happen. Conversely, if you arbitrarily limit how large they can get, then only the first group of people will be satisfied, and the second group will not.


To my mind they’re only too big when when it stop’s making sense, within the setting.

a 1000lb person that runs races, easily passes doorways, and still lives for that matter seems wrong.
a 1000lb person with wizzard_powers™ that that runs races checks out,
or that’s been exposed to experimental_SCIENCE! to keep them healthy at any size,
or that’s blown an extensive amount of money, to have every door in the town widened.

if you follow me


You can make an option if you want to choose a limit.
So everybody can be happy.

PS. can’t wait for more updates :smiley: