CreatureUnknown's Coinpurse Kobold

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Right, that would probably explain it then. I just wanted to make sure so there wasn’t any accidental rule breaking.

My biggest complaints are that there really should have been a dropshadow for the characters, and the doors that face east/west are super easy to not see. Otherwise, fun concept.


I just played this game recently and I forgot to leave a comment about it, so here goes: This game is pretty good honestly, the risk vs reward aspect is there and it certainly embodies the “Greed” concept. The only things I think that could improve it would probably would extended beyond what would be possible in the time limit presented during the Game Jam, namely procedurally generated level layouts. I’m definately giving it a heart for what is already there though.

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This game is simply GREAT!

So many little details make this game stand out to me, like how you need to squeeze through doors when you’re too fat, the way your belly gets progressively bigger and especially the surprise waiting for you at the top of the castle.

The stealth mechanics are implemented wonderfully, the art/ environment and animations really sell the world you play in, and the concept of a kobold purse is both adorable and hngggg~

Only notes from me are that some of the NPC placements are questionable (Mainly the guy that’s guarding the front door of the house in the first area) and when the warning pops up that an area is heavily guarded, it doesn’t seem to usually have any more guards.

But those are merely nitpicks, I had a massive grin on my face playing this game all the way through :]


I personally feel this game has a lot of missed potential.

the absolute biggest issue for me is the controls. it feels like I have .5 seconds of input lag whenever I walk around, making it really hard to do the simplest of things (at least while in the air you have no input lag).

another big issue I had was that the indicators for where NPCs are looking did not match with how they were acting. on multiple occasions I was standing still and they were looking in a completely different direction (90° or more) and then they just started chasing me.

it is also very easy to cheese the game. if you are in the air you don’t make noise and jumping and landing doesn’t make noise either, so just timing your jumps (or not holding the movement keys when landing and jumping) you can move around full speed completely silently. also you can’t be grabbed when standing on tables (and similar things that are wide enough) making it easy to manipulate the chasers so you can jump away (and if they are max fat they can’t catch up to you no matter how much coin you have taken). the NPCs also struggle to catch up to you if there are a lot of things around since they can’t just go over things like you can

something more minor is that the view gets obstructed a lot (I have the camera zoomed out basically always to the max). the tree in the villages south west being a very clear example. it doesn’t have to be there (or be that big) but it covers a lot of the screen. another thing is that the trigger to lower the walls is really small so you basically have to hug the walls to see inside. so if you come from the north your view will be obstructed for quite a bit until you get close enough to see inside.

another minor thing is that you can get caught through a wall if you are close enough to it.

I liked the little “minigame” where you get stuck in things and would have liked it to be more heavily featured. there aren’t that many things to get stuck in and the threshold for getting stuck and not getting through at all is very small (and most of the getting stuck part seem to require very little mashing)

so yeah, when I was playing this I mostly just got frustrated. it’s a real shame as well because it’s really close to being great but as it is now I can’t enjoy it


The only criticisms I have is the fact that the 2nd floor on the inn has a particularly tough guard. In fact, stairs in general were kind of a pain to deal with, you would always get caught on them, and you could easily fall off them.

But otherwise, I really loved this game!

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I agree with Bryce3037.I would like to see a kobold that has been stuffed with gold and is (not actually) bursting at the seems with gold. Maybe being rolled back to the cave or something