Crusader Kings 3: Weight Gain and Consequences

Unfortunately, I stopped developing the mod because I ran into issues with the new version of Mange’s mod. He didn’t fully port his mod to the new version of the game, so his bodies have a lot of issues, for example everyone is wearing Indian clothes and weight slider’s behaviour is very bizarre. I couldn’t make my mod work with his, and I’m pretty sure the problem is on Mange’s end, not mine. I think he’ll fix that eventually, but currently I lost inspiration to work on the mod, even though I implemented most of the stuff for 1.4.2. It won’t really contain stuff to fatten other people up though (that’s intended for 1.5). Not sure when I’m going to continue working on the mod.

For fattening people in the current version, I personally imprisoned women with large appetite and force fed them, then took them in as concubines and had kids with them. One problem I ran into is that an obese family has low fertility due to debuffs (and my men were also obese due to genetics which I didn’t like), which I already fixed for 1.4.2, but I don’t really want to release a half-baked version with non-functional body sliders. So we’ll have to wait until Mange fixes his mod.


I was having an issue with Mange’s weight sliders not working at all when I loaded full screen barbershop after CBO. Playing with Mange’s sliders added for waist, hip, nipple etc have been fun. Toying with retweaking Fertile into 3 level trait that makes hips a bit wider. Thought about doing stuff with twins chances but that seems to be just defined as a constant.

Has this mod been updated for Iberia?

I understand this completely. Unfortunately having a dependency in software unless that dependency is a stable one can lead to being blocked because that one stopped working or changed or it works.

Keep in mind if you want help in anything related to the project, making it open in a GitHub/GitLab and publishing the changes there as they are being worked can help.