Crusader Kings 3: Weight Gain and Consequences

A Crusader Kings 3 mod that uses Mange2020’s More Character Shapes mod to add more weight stages and flavour events for them, as well as possibilities to gain and lose weight.
To install this mod just install Mange2020 mod and then my mod. Mods are installed by dropping the contents into Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 3 folder and enabling them in the launcher. Make sure Weight Gain and Consequences is lower in the load order than Mange2020’s mod.

Download links

Version 1.1.2
Version 1.1.1
Version 1.1
Version 1.0

Included themes
  • Weight gain, fat people (obviously)
  • Both male and female weight gain are possible, but female is more fleshed out due to my preferences.
  • You can play as both a gainer or a feeder.
  • Can possibly include: squashing (potentially fatal), trampling and sexual events with fat people.
  • Somewhat realistic romantic and personal relationships between people of various sizes, like love, hate, bullying and worship.
Currently implemented features
  • Weight tiers: Malnourished (like in vanilla), normal weight, chubby (10-19, gives slight bonuses), overweight (20-34), obese (35-49), morbidly obese (50-64), super obese (65-79), immobile (80-100)
  • A few random events with opportunities to gain or lose weight for you and your unlanded spouse.
  • Gainer lifestyle with 3 tiers, which makes it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it.
  • Most traits no longer affect your weight, decisions to gain and lose weight are disabled since they are no longer needed.
  • Weight is sort of inheritable, there’s a 1/100 chance that a person reaching 18 years will gain the gainer lifestyle, but if their parent of the same sex is fat and/or has the gainer lifestyle, the chance is higher. So if you marry a very fat gluttonous woman your daughters might pick up her bad habits and also become gainers.
  • A few events that describe the consequences of having the gainer lifestyle and being fat.
Planned features
  • More flavour events for different weights and more events that influence your weight.
  • Social attitude towards fat people depending on the sins and virtues of the faith.
  • AI may have preferences towards fat or skinny people, a special lifestyle of being a fat admirer/feeder (is a secret by default).
  • A possibility for fat admirers/feeders to organize a party for fat people where they can have some fun away from the judgemental society and find their love.
  • Integration with Carnalitas for sexual events that take the person’s weight into consideration.
How you can help
  • Icons for male stages of obesity.
  • Finding bugs in the already implemented events and finding ways to enhance them.
  • In general new ideas and texts for the mod.

How can I get the feeder trait (If not through the gameplay, then through console)?

Gave it a rough playthrough, pretty good so far!

Only real issue I found was that I was getting the event that gave the Jovial matriarch trait over and over again.

For now there’s no feeder trait, all feeder gameplay is through events for your unlanded spouse. You have to pay for their diet and gluttony and can influence them.

My bad, forgot to check that you don’t have it already. I uploaded a new version which should fix this issue.

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This is a very promising mod with the right focus on events and actions rather than appearance thanks to the already existing mod.

I look forward to seeing where this one goes as it is more fleshed out and completed.

I am sure you are aware already, but the clean your room event has the same text for both options. You can only tell them apart by reading the text of what you get for completing them.

The random events are really nice, though they seem to get the same ones a lot of times. I only ever got the kitchen event once on my 5-hour play-through. But I assume this is because it is 100% random and such you might end up with the same event over and over because that is how random can go? :slight_smile:

I am curious if you are going to add some “custom once each X years events” such as alternatives for hosting feasts and etc? That would be really cool if you did.

Also, is there going to be a better way to control your weight and where it is going? Because as I tried to play it first without cheating my character quickly went from -100 to 52. But then he got stuck around that weight and kept losing it down to 37 or up to 62. Because of that, he ended up around 50 years old before he was steadily climbing slowly again and at 60 years reached 75. A method to control your target weight and the speed of the weight would be great for this mod. :slight_smile:

Great work!!!


Thank you and glad that you enjoyed it, even in this very early stage of development! I can’t promise when the next update comes out, since I have to sort out some stuff, but I’m thinking about what I can add in the next version and will slowly work on implementing it.

No, wasn’t aware. I do a lot of copy-pasting and sometimes forget to change some stuff, even though the texts are there.

Well, there aren’t a lot of them, so you’re bound to receive the same events. When there are more of them, hopefully it will get less samey. The kitchen event only fires if you have the gainer trait, which you have to work a little bit to get.

What kind of alternatives? Right now I don’t have anything in my mind, although it could be possible, of course. Feasts themselves could be reworked to feature more weight gain stuff.

I don’t know, when I tested I married some gluttonous women and caved in to their demands, and they quickly reached immobility, too quickly to be honest. My daughters also got the gainer trait upon reaching 18 since their mother was so fat, and so in a few years they were already massive. If you always choose the gluttonous options your target weight will keep on increasing, you will gain gainer lifestyle and there should be no obstacles to become really fat. I don’t know why your ruler got stuck.

I’m trying to follow the vanilla vision of having to roleplay the person that you got, rather than changing them into what you want them to be like in CK2, although weight is obviously easier to influence than personality. So if a person randomly gets the gainer lifestyle, they are destined to become fat (unless they work hard to get rid of it), but if they make an effort they should still be able to achieve the weight they want, even if it’s a little bit harder.

RE: your character’s weight. Some traits have a “moderation” impact, causing target weight to drift back to zero. Being in any of the martial lifestyles- strategy, control, chivalry- also causes an annual 10-point drift towards zero. Barring a mod conflict or an error in this mod (looking over it myself now, see no problems) I would assume it’s that.

RE: weight increasing too rapidly for your liking. I noticed you changed the weight update interval for NPCs, but I don’t think you changed WEIGHT_UPDATE_LERP_SCALAR, which influences how much an NPC’s weight shifts towards their target weight. The value is different from WEIGHT_UPDATE_PLAYER_LERP_SCALAR because, well… you know.

To prevent weight from increasing too rapidly, you could include weight modifiers to the event triggers, make them less likely to occur as a character’s current_weight and/or target_weight rises. For the same reason, you could use if-else-if-else chains in 20_obesity_health_values.txt to throttle changes. As you add more traits, you might also consider making use of the moderation effects. The coefficient can go in both directions, and the vanilla game uses the “move towards extremes” sub-1.0 value for the negative physique traits already. In my personal super secret project, I also applied it to Melancholic, but you might consider that too dark.

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I ran a campaign w/ immortality, infinite cash, prestige, piety, etc. on a character w/ Gluttony and Comfort Eater, throwing feasts + indulging at every opportunity, and the fattening pregnancy diet for 9 children, and it took 60-70 years to get to 97 weight, starting from -100 at age 18, (which was above 0 by age 20).

I’d say that the top end of the range is a little too slow, and the absolute bottom is a bit too fast, but the sort of +20 to +80 range is well-paced.

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Dude you should do what I did! Download the yearly feast mod on the workshop page! Despite warnings about version works great!

The problem I had and the reason my character got stuck had nothing to do with the events. They did honestly not seem to affect my character’s weight once I was an Advanced Gainer or add much weight at Advanced Gainer Trait and 50+ Weight. The problem was the Target Weight. The Target weight was on the 61 so the character would not gain any weight beyond that and then a moment the target weight lowered down to 27 and when it did my character quickly lost from 50+ down to 30 in a span of a year. Then they gained it back when the target weight got back up to 60. That is what is hindering the changes of the gain. That the Target Weight gets stuck on the same weight you are at and because of that, my character stopped gaining weight.

For custom events idea I wrote if I ever were to try and do one of these mods myself was:

“Secret Party Event” - A party only accessible if one has gainer and is about glorifying gluttony, filled with events around that and even events of people finding out, etc.

What you did is still really amazing! My text above got quite rambly because I did not really have a red line I followed.

Good news, everyone, I stole some pics from deviantart and managed to make a few icons for the new traits. Given how small and insignificant this mod is, I hope they don’t mind. I lost who made what, so if you somehow find out, I’ll give them credit. :slight_smile:
I made 3 versions for the new fat admirer/feeder traits/secret, I don’t really know which to choose. Which one is better in your opinion?
Here’s the link for the new icons in dds format.

I don’t know when the next update comes out, since I’m only starting working, but hopefully it will make the game more fun for both feeders and feedees. :slight_smile:

Update: I think I will also make weight traits instead of weight modifiers, since it makes searching for fat people easier and gives some other additional abilities.

I played CK3 with your mod for some hours now and its really good!

The only thing i miss is more interaction with your wife to feed her more. A new scheme like sway, where you encourage her to gain or feed her with percentages on her greed or your skill as a feeder would be a good solution.

Thank you for your good work.

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In the next version you will be able to get the fat admirer/feeder trait and have schemes to fatten people up or make them gainers. Also possibly integration with Carnalitas and sex events.

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Minor patch 1.1.2 was released. It made a few very minor adjustments, but more importantly made weight stages into traits instead of modifiers and gave all new traits custom icons (stolen from deviantart). So now searching for fat people is way easier than before.

Also I don’t know which picture should be used as an icon for the future fat admirer trait, in gfx\interface\icons\traits you can find two icons, one is an ass shot and another is a skinny girl feeding a fat girl. If you have any other ideas of good icons for this trait, share them plz.

Also, all the icons that I used are female, since I like girls. :grinning: It’s technically possible to have alternative icons for male characters (at least I think so), but I can’t do justice to them. You can send me male icons and I can add them.

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I like Fat Admirer 1 as the icon for the trait myself

Need any event text written?

Yeah, that one is actually fine, will probably use it.

Wrote you a message.

I made an account just to say this. This is a great mod so far. I was hoping for a good ck3 mod for so long I even tried (and failed) to make one myself. I’m really impressed with where the mod is so far, and I really hope you keep going with this project.


Thank you, I’m very happy that people are having a lot of fun with the mod, even in this very early stage of development. The next version will have tons of very awesome stuff, although it may take months for me to roll it out, since my free time is a little bit limited.

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