Crusader Kings 3: Weight Gain and Consequences

A question. I downloaded the last version of the mod and i did find in the folder of the portraits the images for the traits fat admirer and gainer, but when i go in the actual traits folder they aren’t there, why’s that? Did have to download more files?

Quick, question anyone else having trouble loading the mod up? I downloaded the most recent version of CBO and the mod but whenever I try and load it up the game crashes before I even reach the main menu.

Might be because the mod is still a work in progress and the trait pictures are their but no coding or I had to guess

Maybe it’s very obvious, but I just realized you can play old versions very easily on steam. Bless this day, I thought I couldn’t play this mod anymore :pray:

It’s just as easy without steam lol, you can change version in the client

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Has anyone tried this with elder kings yet? (I’ve been having computer trouble so no CK3 for a while)

Doesn’t clash too badly, but the UI edits are incompatible: you either get working weight/height, or you get the EK2 magicka system and extended trait/mod areas.

Edit: Also, CBO isn’t playing nice with EK2 / in general, so there’s that to deal with.

Yeah character body overhaul clashes with anything that changes the character creation with added fantasy races (I noticed it with my fantasy races mod) still good to know the rest works.

I thought this mod was non-functional after the latest CK3 update

The weight gain or CBO, the CBO has a fix for it that you’d do manually or a new patch, this one worked fine last I played (I miss CK3 :frowning:)

Ye, the WG aspect works fine, CBO is just being funky atm, there’s apparently an issue with the current 1.7 patch with mod overwrites causing crashes.

i.e. if a mod overwrites another mod, it might crash the game

I gave a small test to Elder Kings 2 and CBO, it didn’t seem to shit itself and worked ok, make of that what you will.

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Has anyone else tried this mod with the ‘Holy Grail War’ mod?

Mind sharing the load order? I’ve been trying to get them to play nice with no success, and the official mod-team stance is ‘no support is going to be provided’ with regards to CBO.

Should note I have a shit ton of mods and it still works, full screen barbershop is further up in the load order as recommended

I see CBO Carnal Court, but where actually is Character Body Overhaul itself?

I am sorry to say that I was incredibly incorrect. I thought I had reactivated the mod but on rechecking the photos for my own mod installation for my laptop, I found I actually didn’t get it working, you have my deepest apologies for getting your hopes up about it, bright side is the weight gain mod works fine without it

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No worries, we’ll just have to wait for Mange to get done with law school, or hope someone decides to make a compatibility mod at some point.