Crushing Force - A fat fur fighting game

Thanks, now i managed to add more characters.

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Three releases at once. Svetlana Rhino, Genevieve Latanakaniko, and Montana Moth have all been released for your ammusement.


Also recently I’ve patched the files recently to fix previous issues.


The panty tf finisher on her is really good. The fact so many characters here support it too is amazing

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I’m not sure if it’s just me being bad at fighting games, but I feel like Montana is the most… jank? of the 3, with her Balloon attack making her invincible, though I understand the mechanics of it being a punish, most larger characters like GL for example just get punished for merely existing when she uses it, and since the A.I loves to spam it as her, it’s kind of hard to really fight her unless you attempt to zone her, which can be it’s own problem.

Svetlana is fine mostly, aside from the AI being able to pull out her specials in the first second of the round with little warning, making it difficult to dodge.

GL, with me having decided to main her, feels the most balanced of the three to me, as her ice wall, Heavy “Kick”, and two attributes for her projectile move makes her a good bit of a technical zoner… but her specials are weird to pull off, or at least her Ice Hail special, since Z+C pulls out her Avalance special, mostly due to the fact they share the same motion input. Her Teleport move however feels counter intuitive, since the best time to use it is when one is trapped in the corner… but trying to teleport out of the corner requires you to hit forward which puts you at risk at being hit, so at that point you’re better off parrying attacks instead.


It’s been more than a month since this thread has been active, but I feel like asking anyway. Does this game have any sort of lore, like any background information on the characters? Genuinely curious.

I think so. Not sure where to find it though. I know that there are two characters that are a couple (the blue bunny guy and the purple hippo), and that some characters have grudges against one another.

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It does, character win quotes are the only way to see what I got right now. I’ll work on pre match intros and win poses to show relationships. Bertha and Rapid are the only ones that have these interactions currently.

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I appreciate input like this. Montana is meant to be jank in the air. There are so many anti-air grabs to stop her though that I had to make Balloon good. But your feeling about the move makes sense.
I intentionally made it strong.

AI can be like that. I have a lot of things programmed in place to make it not do that as a standard. Svetlana has already been toned down for the next release.

But about GL and her teleport. I don’t know how to help you on that one since we figured hitting heavy buttons and pressing where you wanna go is the most intuitive command we could have come up with. If it helps you can just press teleport first then hold the direction you wanna go shortly after. If you have a suggestion I’m ears for that.


It would be funny if Montana used Karnov’s “BallOOOOooon!” Voiceclip.

… I know that’s not really constructive, but right now I don’t have much to say. The characters play pretty well right now.


Lady Oink has been released!!! Try out this super power porcine! As well as fixes and updates to previous characters.


Well since I’ve updated all the files recently with Lady Oinks Release I can mention a few
things changed since the last time.

Svetlana had a few of her normals slowed down since she hits so freaking hard. Also, when Svetlana is charging she can become unstoppable and yeah that’s rough to deal with. So now when you are airborne Svetlana has her clipping turned off. So just making an attempt to be in the air is good enough to not get run over.

GL had a rework where her defense scales with how much bread she has. And we removed the need for bread to teleport. So you can escape pressure more easily. GL may still be a problem since her sustain is really good but I left her in the game as is since I think most will be able to defeat her since her defense goes down when she doesn’t have bread.


I am not able to run this on play on mac

it just displays a black screen

I’m sorry but its a PC game. Maybe there are emulators you can use to get it to run.

The issue is with how MUGEN displays it’s visuals in CrushingForce/Data/mugen.cfg, you scroll down to the video category, which by default is set to OpenGL, you want to set it to System, then maybe the game will work, you might need to use Boot Camp to make a windows partition on you computer (if you have enough storage space)

Here is an image of the Video Setting of the mugen.cfg file, I did manage to get this to work (sometimes) when I primarily used an apple computer. (it was a while ago though)

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GL is a set-up zoner, so I do think it’s fair to give her a way to get out of pressure, especially since she’s such a big target. Also, I love how her size changes through out the fight, getting smaller as she loses bread and getting MASSIVE after her Lv3 Super is done.