Cumm Labs Inc - A Weight Gain & Cumflation Text Adventure!

Behold! A newcomer comes with a … a… text adventure??

Okay, so I’m not super awesome at programming, and I can’t draw. I can write okay though, and this was a good chance to put a game together.

My submission for this year’s Fat Fortnight Game Jam is also my first game. It’s not super complex, but there is a plot, fetish-driven as it is, with sex and fats.

And cum inflation. Because it’s fun.

So, I present to you Cumm Labs Inc!

"With the power of science, Cumm Labs Inc has decided to explore one of the world’s more niche kinks: Sex and Weight Gain. What if you could pair the two together, quite literally? Here at Cumm Labs, we’ve decided to find ways to make that happen!

What could possibly go wrong?"

This game contains the following:

  • Sex & Masturbation
  • Sexual foreplay
  • Female-only Weight Gain
  • Cum inflation
  • Some penis growth
  • Testicle/balls growth
  • Shredded Clothing
  • A slowly revealed plot
  • Crazy amount of Fatness
  • And a bunch of ornery text, because I love you

There’s also an option to relive (or rather, read the full text again) for the scenes in the game. Unfortunately, one becomes unavailable after a little while, but I’ll figure something out.

This is only a demo, with the first 2 of 6 scenes planned, and more plot to be introduced as the story continues.

Play and/or download the game! - Restricted

I am open to feedback and criticism! Have fun!


this is… somewhat of a niche combination, but one i myself am quite intrigued to see.

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It totally is. Hope you enjoy it!

Oooooh! This looks very, very promising! Nice lineup of kinks, I’m totally gonna play this the second I’m done with making my game (16 hour workdays RIP)

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Yeah there’s definitely something wrong here.

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Thanks, NoNoYes! It’s fixed now.

There’s definitely more in the last version. I’ll see if you missed something in this new one.

Found another one.

Fixed, and demo version updated! Thanks again, NoNoYes!

Hey there, first off just wanted to say great story! I’m really enjoying all the little areas in the lab and your writing is pretty damn good! Got a bug to report though (I will try not to spoil anything): After finishing with Dan I walked out of the bathroom and then back in to it. I got a Lucy’s Belly option, I clicked it and got stuck in one of Dan’s scenes unable to do anything else. On another note the map is kind of clustered together and hard to read, if thats just me or a problem with the engine then not to worry :smiley: Overall though I’m really enjoying it, good luck in the competition :slight_smile:

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I’ll take a look tonight. Thanks, Shatteraura!

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I got distracted last night, but it’s fixed now along with better maps.

Awesome I hope to replay it when I get a free moment, I am also trying to enter the competition and the deadline is fast approaching so I wil get to yours when I can :smiley:

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I should totally add… even if the button isn’t there, I’m a smart-ass and made silly/snarky replies to every single thing except maybe two in this game when you look or try and take them.

Just for an element of fun. I enjoyed it in other games, so why not right?

twas awesome! :purple_heart:

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Heya! I just wanted to come back and say congrats on a really really hot story! Great job fixing the map and such! I really enjoyed the game! Good luck in the competition!

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Thank you! I’m very glad you liked it!

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Hi the game is really great by any chance you want to make this a full game?

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I’m glad you enjoyed it, and yes!

I’m working on 4 more major scenes for the full game, and I’ll post a new thread when I have a new update ready.