Custom Crewmember

So, I took one the DateBound mod and edited it to change the dialogues to something more feederism related. If this is not allowed, please just remove the topic.
Use the admin command /spawnnpc [vanilla race here] crewmemberfeed [desired level of npc here] to spawn it.
Also, I suck at writing. So if you want to improve it, just open the crewmemberfeed.npctype file with notepad++ and edit it.
Feederism (145.4 KB)


Hey this is pretty cool! Do you need the DateBound mod for this to work?

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Nope! This mod is totally independant and compatible with the original DateBound.

I’m having trouble installing the mod, do I replace the files in datebound, or…?

Install it by itself

I dropped the folder in the zip file into my mods folder and it did not work

Make sure it isn’t in another folder

I seem to be having some difficulties with this. I installed the mod as normal, and tried using /spawnnpc to spawn one in, since I don’t really know how else to do it?

I was using /spawnnpc human crewmemberfeed 10 to test it, and nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

Try without the level desired? I don’t know, I haven’t played Starbound I a while. When you try to spawn, does nothing happen or does an NPC appear?

Aye, I encountered the same issue, has someone successfully spawned one? how did y’all install the mod and whats the correct command syntax?

Wow, I took an impolite amount of time to respond! I went ahead and tried it without the level desired as well, and no dice.

I also tried crewmemberfeeder for good measure. In the npctype file, it is listed as crewmemberfeed.

Does this conflict with anything that anyone’s noticed, out of curiosity?

I don’t know if this information will help, but the only problem I had before creating my first NPC was that I wasn’t an admin to use an admin command, and I didn’t know how to change that in-game. It turns out the solution was just to write “/admin”, become an admin, and then make the Spawnnpc separate as it was supposed to be. Hoping this might be the problem you’re having, if not, I have no idea.

No dice, I’m afraid. That said, I really appreciate your help!

Anyone gotten this to work? I’m fiddling around for the first time and can’t get it going.