Custom Crewmember

I’m going to name it “FeederismCrew” then. I’m backing up my storage before putting it in the mods folder, just in case.

Incredible. Not only does the mod work, but the name appears separately on the list of NPC types on NPC maker. This one single fix changed everything, thanks so much for the help and quick responses :smiley:

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Thanks for figuring it out

Job Offer (58.4 KB)

So I made a job offer add-on… Enjoy

The way I made it should make it work without the main mod (Haven’t tested that) and it doesn’t interfere

Edit: I forgot to mention, it doesn’t have a custom sprite. If anyone wants to make one go right ahead

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For some reason my computer keeps on saying that the compressed file is empty, is that an error on my part or a misupload?

Not empty here, but rather Windows keeps refusing to open it on the grounds that it apparently can’t open it. =w=;

(basically, I think there’s been a mishap with the upload)

Try posting/uploading it in just a .pak file if you can, or does it need to be a folder or else it won’t work?

Hi, I don’t really know how this mod works, so I have a few questions :

  • First, can we give food to our crewmember ? I saw her using the feeding tube one time but it wasn’t on purpose.
  • When she is teleporting with me she loses her weight, is it normal ?
  • Also can we make her happier ? They say that she wonders if her life is lie xD

I think saying I haven’t actually used the mods in this thread is a necessary disclaimer, so keep that in mind, but:

  • Crew members using the feeding tubes is as random as them using any other furniture item (sitting in chairs, interacting with vending machines, etc), so if you really want them fat, you have to use the chocolate/lard guns yourself.
  • Crew members reverting to normal size as they teleport with you to planets and on missions is also a thing with the Big Fatties mod in general, unfortunately. Unless I’m wrong, I don’t think there’s a way around it, or if a fix has been implemented, aside from fattening them back up each time.
  • All that little dialogue like “Wondering if their life is a lie” or “Feeling angry” or “Finding a niche” and whatnot is purely just flavor text. Though Big Fatties does add a couple new ones itself, I’m pretty sure.

Hope this gives some clarification.

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Thank you sir !
Reminds me one time when I left my game open and found out my character and crew member became blobs, and I still wonder why. Well for the crew member she was eating with the feeding tube, but for my character I still wonder.

Job Offer Feed.7z (55.9 KB) Job Offer (61.4 KB)

So apparently my zipping didn’t work for you guys, so I redid it with another program and also made a 7z one, hopefully this ones work

Edit: I packed it : Job Offer Feed (57.0 KB) but it has to be compressed, can’t upload .pak files

Funny you should mention that, I’ve seen something similar as well and I think it’s just a weird bug with BF where sometimes if an NPC uses a feeding tube, it has no affect on them and just causes your character to gain weight instead. It’s happened to me twice, and just interacting with the NPC gets it to stop, but I was thinking of mentioning it as a bug on the main BF thread.