Danmaku wg game

So… there is a japanese human that I follow on Twitter, and it seems that this human is developing a game.
It’s a danmaku, or bullet hell, were you are a chubby dog-girl that shots… things that make your enemies fat until they explote.
It’s good, but it only have 2 stages (Most likely the human is still developing the game, but idk, I don’t speak sushi).

Link (game): https://dezyenerasulab.web.fc2.com/ura/fatsV2/index.html

Link (Twitter of the human): https://twitter.com/ipKCTE5B0HtjNEd/status/1134487414481620992?s=20


Wow, I’ve played this before, but It’s great to see that he added another level. And it’s interesting to see that this came from a Japanese developer, as my first girlfriend was both chubby and Japanese, and noted that they really don’t like fat over there, and force heavy people to cover up a lot more at the beach

Yeah, they even fine the people that are overweight, or, at least, that is what I have read.
Also, there are a some japanese artists that make fat art, or some fat models, but all of them are anonymous, I think is because all of the prohibition to be fat. You know, the prohibited things are hot.

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I was tired when I wrote my last post, and I should clear up a few things. My ex almost never felt discriminated against, and living in Japan is very similar to living in America, with a few interesting cultural differences such as saying a prayer before a meal due to thankfulness wrought via culture, and not religion. My ex was never fined for being overweight, and that fine only affects employers, and not all employers are required to pay fines. And the reason my ex didn’t like wearing revealing clothes in Japan is because unlike America, most Japanese are skinny, and so she would get curious glances because of the novelty. Also, since Japanese tend to be skinny, the clothing is very small, and my ex (a US XL or size 14) had a very difficult time shopping for clothes. But the Japanese are a great people, and not as judgemental as you may have heard

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I think I’d be more on board with this game if it weren’t for the “popping.”

Decidedly un-sexy. Maybe if the actual “enemies” just floated off the bottom of the screen, having grown too fat to fly, but, eh, not like my opinion is going to reach the guy.

Its very amusing when you play Cuphead music over it. : P

Yeah, I remember that game.
I read a post about it a few months ago.

Why tell us he’s human?

Well, that is because I don’t now if the artist is a man or a woman, and the last time I used “it” to refer to someone I got banned for a few days (Not here, in other place).
So… yeah, that’s why.

There’s a few ways you could refer to a person who’s gender you don’t know of:

They/Them; whilst you may think of this word when you’re speaking of multiple people, it’s also perfectly usable to refer to a singular person instead of using he or she!

Person; it might sound a little distancing and over-polite, but it’s totally fine to say “this person”.

Using “it” to describe a person might come off as not really thinking of the other person as a human being, which may be why you got banned in whatever community it was you were in, since “it” is mostly reserved for describing animals and such!

Not sure why I went on such a rant about something this off-topic since I don’t even know if you care about the subject, but I hope this might be useful to at least someone! ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Fun secret if you press h on the title screen it changes you to a new character and in my personal opinion is a lot better than starting character


Thanks for the… recommendation? English is not my first language so sometimes I struggle to express ideas, I think it will help.

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Or, you know, just creator/author like everybody does.

Oh yeah of course, kind of forgot about those. :upside_down_face:

Wait, I tried that, but it didn’t work?

You actually have to hold h+space (in that order at the same time) and then you will start with the different character.

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I tried it and it works! Switching from dog to cat is nice =w=

Woops sry about that I totally forgot that you half to press space my bad

Nah, its all good owo)d