Japanese Side-scrolling WG Shoot em up

Someone in a discord I’m in posted a link to a twitter post that had a demo for a game by a Japanese artist. As stated above, it’s a side-scrolling shoot em up featuring female characters with several weight stages for most of the characters, and the demo is one stage long, including a boss fight.
The twitter post is here:

And here is the page the post links to with the game on it:

Additionally, given that user profiles on social media can disappear suddenly, can anybody figure out a way to make the demo into a downloadable file in case the links ever go down in the future?


I’ve gone ahead and archived a copy of the tweet itself, which links back to the game. Additionally, there’s an archive page of the game’s webpage (must be opened in new tab to load the game).

Great find man! Thanks for sharing this with us :slight_smile:

yo, thanks for linking the game. I love it
(though a bit sad that by being fattened up the characters explode, but what eves)

Fun game! Nice find. Is there a way to translate this person’s Twitter page?

In desktop chrome, at least, the right click menu has this option.


Oh, that’s convenient. Thank you!