darkest dungeon mod by j8867bbw



info please
so we know what we are getting in to. its a mod for a horror adventure game


It makes the people working the hamlet big fatty anime-styled characters (corrupted versions as well)

Any chance at seeing a few examples of the sprites in this mod so we know what we’re getting into? Asking since some people have limits on the levels of fat they can enjoy, as well as other potential reasons.


here is a link to the original twitter post. it features an image with all the characters (I think)

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OH! Is this by…? HELL YEAH IT IS! Love their stuff!


As do we all, lol. I was hoping it was a new game myself, not a mod.

I have to get darkest dungeon now though. XD

And I thought it was by them since I noticed and liked their in progress art earlier on.

To be honest, I’ve owned that game for literal years at this point, and I still haven’t played it.

Damn Steam sales, gets me every time.

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I don’t participate in the sales unless a specific game I want is on sale because I have very little money.

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I wish he finaly give us lobotomy corporation mod, which i know he have or at least perfectly capable to make

RIGHT?! Those staff outfits (and the fanart based on them) are so cute and cool!

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think we could get a skin that uses more the crystal corruption?

This is a pretty great mod overall, I’m just not a fan of the femboy stage coach NPC. Call me a simple man but I only like girls.

Would using another mod to replace the stagecoach NPC conflict with the rest of the models?

(I only just started Darkest Dungeon so pardon my ignorance)