DDLC: Of Berries And Love - A Romantic/Angsty/BerryInflation/GAY Visual Novel set 2 years after DDLC Plus


Heyo! It’s me Sinflative again, back for another silly game idea, this time one I’ve actually been pouring quite a bit of my creative energy into!

Unlike my previous project Voracious Riches, this will be a Visual Novel - one that will be releasing per chapter, and will have the same chapter-based style as DDLC Plus. ALL assets will be unique to this project, and nothing (outside of obviously the characters) will be used from DDLC itself. This is straight from the ground up.

Anyone who’s played my other project, Watering The Plant Girl, will very much find a similar romantic-lewd tone here, though in this instance you might find some slightly more realistic themes too, such as traumas and copious amounts of angst. I like PLOT with my porn, dammit.

All of the writing for Chapter 1 is done and already properly put into the game, as well as Yuri and Natsuki’s sprites being largely finished. Some other background stuff has been complete, but much of what needs to still be done is mostly just more art assets (Sayori and Monika’s sprites, many CGs, backgrounds, etc.).

Expect this sometime within the first half of next year! And yes, all updates/releases to this will be completely free.





I don’t usually care for VN but you got me interested in this one

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This maybe fun the art looks good and it sounds like it be a fun idea.




Hey all! Just wanted to let you guys know that yes, I’m still working on this.

Just so you understand the scope of what I’m shooting for here, I’ve been rounding up voice actors for all of the girls (which probably took a little longer than it should’ve, but I have found all four!), along with working with a probably too long script for the first chapter.

That being said, I’d rather overdo this project than underdo it. I want this to be a legitimately good, romantic story with berry-inflation smut thrown in. I want this to be an experience.

So do bear with me through slow updates. I wish I could get them out faster, but I’m only one person and there’s just so much to do. But I want to do this, so I pray it will be worth it to you all in the end!

I hope to make this a project worth remembering for you all! Thank you for reading!


not my thing,but I wanted to say I love the art,its so cute and cozy!

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Thank you very much for commenting either way, then!

I understand that probably most of the people on WeightGaming aren’t super into berry stuff, but I do hope at least some people here get something out of this when it’s released!

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I’m excited, I personally wish there was more blueberry inflation games done

I’m really looking forward to this releasing :slight_smile:

Yeah I think inflation stuff is great too, blueberry inflation specifically is probably the first thing I liked and it still holds true.

And the pixel art looks really good, the shading is very nice.

Thank you very much hon~! I do hope the art holds up to everyone’s expectations!

Also I wasn’t expecting so many responses like that! Thank you all for the support - do expect Chapter 1 would be released soonish! (I’ll likely give a release date when I have one ready!)

Would be cool to have a discord server to talk about the game in

I do have a personal “private” discord server, but having to be so public scares me. That and even when the game is out, I’m not entirely sure there will be that much to talk about in this to warrant an entire server.

I do appreciate the enthusiasm though! I’ll consider this more when the game is out if there’s actually that much of an interest!

No worries, I’m still excited for the game


Can’t wait for this to get released!


Almost everything left to work on with Chapter 1 of the DDLC Project is menus and such, which shouldn’t take very long

Expect a release date soon~



The Itch link no longer leads to anything. Why is this?

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expect it up at approximately 9 AM Pacific
(that is about 6 and a half hours from this message)