DDLC Pro Origins (The Ultimate Rise of the fallen ddlc pro)

Like i said before things are changing and i am not doing any copyright ever again and like i mentioned mountains on top of mountains of stuff have changed like the title since the last time i was here there has been so much more content and replay value planned out especially now that im using the engine tyranobuilder also this right here is now where you’ll see everything of the now called ddlc pro origins

Also here’s some pictures for you


the prototype of ddlc pro origins is almost done being tested by my selected testers the prototype has already released publicly on my discord and my itch.io but starting tomorrow the prototype will also get released publicly here on weightgaming and on my deviantart

(fyi the prototype which will be the only prototype available for ddlc pro origins also called the full menu’s preview version literally has no gameplay and absolutely nothing to do the only thing you can do yes you guessed it is to be able to witness ALMOST every single type of menu available in ddlc pro origins but don’t worry the upcoming pre alpha 1 will have so much that you’ll be able to do including gameplay so stay tuned for that too)

That’s good to hear. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

Forgive me for being skeptical, but are there any images you could show us?


yeah no problem hold on

Heres all the download links for ddlc pro origins both past and present

(fyi sadly i will not be porting to mac users because there’s specific requirements that i won’t have for a long time and since i cannot port to mac now than i will not be porting to mac ever no matter what also in order to play ddlc pro origins on android you have to download the android version and than download the tyranobuilder player app on your android device through here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tyrano.player
than once both are finished downloading open up the tyranobuilder player app and follow the instructions it gives you i will not be telling you those instructions since i’m pretty sure you can figure it out its simple enough to find out plus the prototype is only available to windows users android users will never be able to play the prototype but any and all versions released after the prototype will be available to both windows and android users)

DDLC Pro Origins Prototype (Windows Exclusive)

DDLC Pro Origins Pre Alpha 1
Windows : DDLC Pro Origins Pre Alpha 1 (Windows).zip - Google Drive
Android : DDLC Pro Origins Pre Alpha 1 (Android).zip - Google Drive

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heres the 2 new logos available for ddlc pro origins


the pre alpha 1 of ddlc pro origins has now been released here on weightgaming for both windows and android so please do enjoy

Is there any actual game here or does the alpha just stop after you press start? I was super excited but there isn’t too much critique I can give to a game that’s nothign but a content warning so I guess I’ll just be looking forward to the future updates

It was stated there is no gameplay currently.

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Oh! I’m just bind XD

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there’s actual gameplay in the pre alpha 1 you can only play the very short prologue but luckily it does mention and show slight weight gain just enter story mode and choose part 1 of sayori also don’t worry the upcoming pre alpha 2 will allow you to play through the entirety of part 1

thats only mentioned for the prototype don’t worry

I have some very bad news everyone

victoriousboss no longer does fat artwork so i have no choice but to cancel ddlc pro unless any of yall are artists and can help me its just gonna have to remain canceled until than

but if ddlc pro can no longer be resumed knowing the lack of help i may have to replace this project with a different one which if thats the case i have a planned fat fetish fnaf game series in multiple unique editions and also a planned fat fetish simulacra game

let me know here if you wanna help with the artwork for ddlc pro

Sorry to hear you’re lacking an artist.

But perhaps I can offer some help if may be. While my style is different than theirs, I can see about working on said drawings if you like.

sure Jyoster do you have a discord

Sure thing.
Contact me with Jyoster#5171

See ya there~