Delving Delicacies

Kobolds and… other… kobolds! It’s time to watch your favorite gameshow, live on Goelthe-Vision! (The only divination device broadcasting classics such as Raiderz, Tiffy the Torturer, and Late Nite with Goelthe!)

It’s time for Delving Delicacies!

Five lucky contestants have been trained and prepared to hunt down the more dangerous delicious game there is: sentient food. Their objective? Bring back a feast worthy for the greatest draconic ruler in the world - who is also your very best friend: Goelthe!!

Kobolds will scurry down hallways, dodge food-oriented projectiles, and make off with cursed treasure! (Wait did I read that right? It’s cursed?) With Goelthe’s prized weapon the Spice Girl in their mitts, no slightly-dangerous food monster stands a chance! Any lizard can grab a few bits of food and run like a coward out the front door… but a truly dedicated Delver will make it through to the very end of this deadly obstacle course - and then back out with it!

But as you know, Delving Delicacies isn’t without its fair share of twists and turns… If a contestant is kil- erm, escorted off stage, then they leave behind all the food they carried. And as you also know that food’s value is DOUBLED! (Warning: food piles are known to disappear if not retrieved by the next contestant) Add that up with a growing final multiplier, and watch Goelthe’s famous grin widen with delight! But remember dear viewers: as good as it is to fail in Goelthe’s glory, someone still has to walk out the front door with the full haul!

Delving Delicacies is the ONLY gameshow to promise:

  • Hot twin-stick action! Dance through those traps and projectiles!

  • Five different endings! (4 for milestone-related success and one for failure)

  • Tense push-your-luck action! The longer they (they, plural, individual kobolds run out of worth eventually) live, the higher that multiplier will get!

  • And a haunted challenge for those willing to go ALL. THE. WAY. (Note: Spice Girl has no effect on ghosts)

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Link to the game!

This episode of Delving Delicacies has been made and produced by…

Exas4000 - Lead Developer and Programmer
41DN - Character and Cutscene Designer, Artist, Writer
Hector Collector - Monster and Title Screen Designer, Ink and Color Artist
InfiniteFluffDerg - UI and Logo Designer, Artist, Writer, Playtester

Wildcards used:
Progress through Failure - Player’s final multiplier stays the same between kobolds/lives. If you want the best ending…


Very difficult, but very charming game.

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Great game with some good gags along the way. The monster artwork and animations are actually hilarious. I loved the use of the wildcard, both from the multiplier and food drop on death, and the bad ending. It’s got a fun gameplay loop of learning the rooms / traps and coming back more prepared the next time. I loved that the red fork traps became more relevant while being chased back to the start by the carolina reaper pepper lol.

A couple items of feedback:

  • I didn’t realize the green thing was a door to continue deeper at first, and thought I was supposed to turn back there. I might just be oblivious, but some additional indication there probably would have helped.
  • I wasn’t really sure what the final reward at the end was supposed to be. Was it the manawhatever that Goelthe mentioned?
  • The martini / olive monsters seem to just have a bit too much range on their attack, but it’s probably more fair that way so the player can’t just stay out of their range and easily kill them. There was notably one area where I died several times since there was a group of 4-5 olives that were shooting through a wall from offscreen that was frustrating since I couldn’t see it coming.

Great submission overall!


Let me start by saying that this is my favorite game form this years jam, there’s so many things that are fantastic about it, from the games theme to the HUD looking like a gameshow, to ALL character designs; the monsters, the kobold and Goelthe, its all GREAT! I never expected a game to be like Smash TV from this years jam or for the concept to work so well either!

I also got some feedback for ya

  • Your kobold runs really really fast, this is fine on it’s own, but with the massive amount of momentum you keep when you try to slow down it’s very hard to be precise with your movement making dodging shots a pain, that and a lot of the locations in game don’t really take advantage of the speed outside the pepper chase so I would get rid of the momentum and either reduce the top speed or have levels that take this into account more.

  • The screen is a bit too squished vertically, so you get blindsided by projectile enemies from above or below, or you run into traps and projectiles that the couldn’t react to fast enough.

  • The Spice Girl has VERY slow projectiles, you can outrun them very easily and this makes running and gunning very impractical. I’d speed them up by quite a bit but keep the range the same so you are encouraged to use your speed more instead of sniping everything.

  • Currently, melee enemies are no threat what so ever, with your incredible speed you are never in any risk of getting hit by them, you could either give them new moves that allow them to catch up to the player easier or pair them up more with ranged enemies so you have to worry about them taking hits for ranged enemies while trying not to get hit by them.

I’d love to see either this idea get worked on some more after the jam!

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First Round Scores

Jux Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 7.3
Writing: 5.6
Music & Sound: 5.8
Mechanics: 7.3
Game Concept 7.0
Use of Fetish 6.55
Judge Preference: 4.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 1.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 3.0
Community Wild Card: 0.0
Total: 147.55

Alex Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 8.5
Writing: 7.5
Music & Sound: 8.0
Mechanics: 7.0
Game Concept 7.5
Use of Fetish 7.0
Judge Preference: 7.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 2.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 4.0
Community Wild Card: 3.0
Total: 161.5

Roops Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 7.0
Writing: 7.0
Music & Sound: 7.0
Mechanics: 7.0
Game Concept 7.0
Use of Fetish 5.0
Judge Preference: 0.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 0.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 0.0
Community Wild Card: 0.0
Total: 140.0

Final Score: 449.05