My Favorite Gain Jam 2022 Games

Warning Personal Opinion! And Try to Link everyone the the right places, if it doesn’t work sorry as well sorry if I couldn’t put EVERYONE name in this list.


Donuts and Deer Teeth by @MizuBlackRiverDragon Donuts and Deer Teeth
Besides a few bugs and being short it was very fun game and good on the themes out of all the games this one I want to see more of overall, maybe around Halloween or something XP

Delving Delicacies by @Exas4000 Delving Delicacies
Out of all the rougelikes I seen here this one was the most fun and the added speeches showing off the greed and challenge of the game was overall good

Raiding Faries 1.2 by @Kitsune Raiding Fairies 1.2
Fun game where you are fairies raiding places for food, gems and gold and is very interesting and suprisly you need to think a lot on what to do

Manic Mimic by @BellyBelting & @CystalCore Manic Mimic - #18 by CystalCore
Once again an amazing pixel game done well with Slime girl growing and simple yet challenge game to play for hours

Calamity Cobra by @ShweetMagnet 🐍 Calamity Cobra in "A Sweet Surprise" (V1.0 - Gain Jam Ready!!)
What I like to see grow big and large are Slimes, Dragons and Snake Girls. Another fun game where its not just about upgrades and more about your able to move and place yourself in good spots, idk about you but I want to see more Big Snake Girls in games XP

Feed The Dragoness v1.5 by @SoftFoxy FEED THE DRAGONESS (v1.5) - Tower Defense Game
May not have a lot of weight gain and simple it makes up for good gameplay and staying with the topic overall and I have to give it credit as this was the first game At Less to me to show off the Years of Gain Jam 2022

Those are my picks and favorite of all the games in Gain Jam 2022 ^^