Donuts and Deer Teeth

I been on this website for a few years now, I been watching so many submit such amazing games that gave me long hours of enjoyment. So this year I decided to call for the help of a dear friend to program this game! He got really inspired to do this game and poured a lot of soul on this! Juggling a lot of his time to make this happen!

I did the art! But really, this won’t happen if it was not for Poss.

Final version for the Jam! I hope everyone likes it!

Safe version, it was not opening for me so Evans did his best to give a version that should open for more people, but sadly it won’t save your progress.

The game is a stealth game where you shoplift food for Mari, your ghost deer girlfriend. Dodge guards, bash their head with a baseball bat, avoid security cameras and use the gifts Mari gives you to grab more sweets for her!

Thank you everyone <3


Vindigo asked my name and then crashed my game.

Also, when I first time ran 2nd map, it had fucked up collisions.


Love the concept of the game and it works. Though the game did crash when Mari asked for my name, and it’s hard to tell when I hit somebody with no audible feedback.


I played the game silently[I turn off my speakers].
I can’t seem to get pass map 3 as the alarm goes off if I move to the upper part of the map without going outside.

Also I did get the crashes from the ones mention above by others.

I haven’t finish the game yet though. Was fun! Hope you continue to update the game.

I did used an extractor to view the ending a bit. oops


Very cute. The third level seems to have an auto alarm and when Mari(?) asks your name the game crashes.


Besides a few bugs and random challenge spike on map 3

Its overall and VERY Fun game and wouldn’t mind see more of this, Not only with the Mari growing but the play as well when doing the game ^^

Bugs: Saying name is Lucy, Map 3 Alarm, & Ending where it crashes

Edit: Oddly Enough out of all the Gain 2022 games so far, This game is on the my top picks lol XP

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Thank you everyone for playing! And for all the bug reports and compliments <3


Some fanart for your and possmonaught game, forgot to load it here


I enjoyed this one a lot! The top-down perspective, the grainy art style and the overall surreal nature of it all reminded me a lot of horror game Darkwood, a favourite of mine.

A slight shame that a bug prevented me from proceeding beyond the 3rd map, so all the more reason to hope that there is a post-Jam version that cleans up the bugs. I’d love to revisit this and see where this all leads!


Sorry for taking so long to respond, what a long week.
From the bottom of my heart and from Poss as well, thank you so much! It’s crazy to see we have fan art of our project, we will be sure to do more with it~!

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We are working on it~

You’re welcome!! And Keep up the amazing job ^^

does anyone know what the things Mari gives you do? also i got 16 donuts for mari on map 2, beat it, after name-crash i fed her only to find out i had only 1 donut :frowning:
i would give the items a short description when you hover over them, also they seem to overlap when on a mission

AND THEN the game crashed during the ending scene, please fix the crashes, bugged maps and add descriptions to the items, otherwise game is a simple if slightly broken, also i dont know if im hitting the police men 90% of the time (there is no hit sound nor marker but they do go down after 1 charged and 2-3 normal hits)