Desert Shelter

Hello guys!

I will update this topic with new videos and releases. I really like UE development and want to make this game better and better.

First and actual release information:

I have finished my first game on Unreal Engine. Well, you can eat, train, sleep and repeat in it, but also if you want to achieve results you will need to keep balance in eating and training.

It has such features:

  1. Environmental: day and night change, clouds change and basic surface for higher FPS

  2. Character: she can gain or lose weight, gain or lose muscles and all the options in between and together. For this you just need to choose food correctly and to train accordingly (or not). She will also comment her fullness and dishes. You can use first person view, and two third person views, one of them full height

  3. You can cook, harvest fruits (they will update every month)? train, sleep, skip time.

  4. Every time something from stats changes, you get a notification. Like fullness gained or lost or any other. Some of the stats if they are not ok can prevent you from eating or training, but you should find out how to recover them.

  5. Save or restart the game. So you can save your progress or restart it to start over, but as there is only one save, every save rewrites previous save.

About optimization: Unreal engine is really hard to optimize, as I see now. But I’ve gone from extremely low to acceptable. I’ve filmed the final game video on a 4k monitor with OBS switched on through a remote desktop (main computer has Ryzen 3900x, RTX 3090 and 64 Gb DDR3 RAM). But I’ve also tested it on my Laptop with i7 11800H, RTX 3060 mobile and 40 Gb RAM, and I can compare. First versions were freezing on a laptop and totally unplayable in Ultra settings, only in Low it was playable. After optimization I can play in Ultra on my Laptop pretty smooth and it is flying on a Low settings. So I hope you will find your own acceptable quality for the game.

Software requirements:

  1. DirectX 12 installed

  2. Latest GPU drivers installed

If you have any problems with the game, write to my Discord: Yuliya Kovach bellies

This game is not a one time release, I want to add more features here, so there will be a lot of updates.

Videos of a gameplay:

After the first release I was working on updating the movement animations and landscape.

Now I will be adding clothes change system, more character remarks, facial expressions and maybe NPC. Also I want to add animation reaction to fullness along with remarks and facial expressions.

Here is the video of current version of a project, that is not yet published:

So I will be developing it for Windows and I managed to make a pack for Android, so after controls setup I will release it along with Windows version.

You can follow me for packs updates on
Desert shelter (3D, Unreal Engine) by Yuliya3k

As always with me the game is paid and I describe for you everything as it is. UE development takes huge amounts of time and money together.

All my videos are recorded through remote desktop on my working machine, so the mouse movement may lag due to connection.

For those who want to see max weight, max belly size and max muscles look (spoiler alert!!!):


I’m curious, how big will she get, muscle-wise?


I was going to ask the same thing but fat wise


Good on you for tackling unreal engine as a solo dev.


the current layout of the game is impressive and promising, but the gameplay loop is literally too slow for the sandbox elements to properly function.

i can’t imagine a person who would have the patience to sit through the process of eating + cooking. the fruit shares the same problem, and you will lose all your weight waiting the month for the fruit to return, which it doesn’t in this version. even the coconut, which, statwise, is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the food in terms of efficiency, couldn’t sustain you if it could be regained.

im sure that at a quick glace, these paragraphs look intimidating, but the game does have a lot of potential. to me, these sound like relatively quick fixes. the groundwork is already layed and just needs tweaking, so I recommend those already interested to stay tuned. for the time being though, wait for an update.

i don’t usually post stuff like this, but i’d feel bad if people spent their money on this current version.

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Here is the tip:

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She will get fatter but not huge, you know, as always in my games. If you want I can post a spoiler)


Thank you for your feedback!
You are right, I can change it to more quick progress. I will totally run a poll on my Patreon.
Next version will have much more trees in it, so player could find more fruits.
And if you do not get new fruits every 1st day of the month it is a bug, they should respawn. I will check it.

A comparison picture between the different stages (or at least 1st stage and one of the biggest ones) would be neat!

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I see! Is that the largest she’ll get, muscle-wise?

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Ok, I will post them later

Yes for now. I always see the same problem, if a character is becoming too big, she could not move without clipping everywhere( So I’m trying to keep animations look better, at list with minimal clippings))

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No worries! Was mostly curious~

Added video with maximum weight, belly size and muscles not combined, in a game you will probably see mostly combined looks)

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Just checked it out. Gotta say I actually like how fat she can get, looks good and definitely noticeable

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Updated the landscape: