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[quote=“dingotush, post:20, topic:1016”][quote=“Purrine, post:14, topic:1016”][quote=“dingotush, post:13, topic:1016”]I had a quick play and it’s certainly looks like it’s going to be fun.

I’ve never played any game with a battle system quite like this though. I had no clue about the key presses. I suppose it didn’t help that most of the initial ones were “down” and I though it was just an illustration of the enemy HP change! Is it possible to have an easy mode for those of us of advancing years? The multi-key sequences were just impossible for me.[/quote]
I like this idea a lot actually, I’ll see what I can do.

EDIT: Implemented.

Easy Mode is now an option, which will automatically give you success with all combo abilities and spell commands, and combo-spells.

Hope this will help in the future, thank you very much![/quote]

Thank you too!

PS. Is it supposed to be “Flashbub” or “Flashbulb”?[/quote]
“Flashbub”, like flashing bubbles! pop pop pop


Items now properly work in the menu, playing common events in-screen without having to return to the map. Embarrassingly, this took around 12 hours to get right, and the solution was three lines of code. Shoot me!
Now I just gotta apply the same logic to the battle scene.

exiting a battle scene will no longer make the menu cursor disappear forever

When a weapon-removing state is applied, the character’s weapon will be re-equipped when it is removed; instead of needing manually re-equipped outside of battle.
Thanks to NoNoYes for pointing this out to me.

Experimental map effect, but looks like crap when moving around.

Equipping weapons will change the character’s basic attack pattern, and now characters have default “non-equipped” basic attacks as well.

Added support for “joint” style attacks

If a character is too full, they cannot eat enemies or items.
You’ll need to wait, or have their friend help them out
Tummy massages when someone doesn’t NEED it is okay, too.


It’s time to release updated build? no offense, that’s all.

<----(Why does everyone hate me and would rather smite my karma)


[quote=“NoNoYes, post:23, topic:1016”]It’s time to release updated build? no offense, that’s all.

<----(Why does everyone hate me and would rather smite my karma)[/quote]

It really wouldn’t look too different from the previous one.


well, atleast your karma is neutral, not negative.


This is

a fresh, spicy hell

from which I cannot wake from

Also, re-did the HUD portrait and picture routines to add better support for becoming weird states.

And the HUD itself is now different, too, so you can see the chibi portraits better. This might be really close to how I want it to look.

Right now, the biggest obstacle is getting the followers to actually follow without clipping into everything. Pretty much every other feature I wanted is in place, and then I can focus on the art and level designs finally.


Oh golly, that brings me back to my RPG Maker XP days wherein I had the same problems getting characters to follow the player in a certain formation without getting stuck. It’s almost worth it to not even bother and to cheat (even Skyrim teleports followers).

Also, the new UI breaks my brain less. Yay! It’s a problem I have with RPG Makers VX and up; the sprites are too noisy and I go cross-eyed. Nice solid colors help combat that.

If you’d like some feedback I think, personally, it would be better to draw the full body portraits in front of the chibi ones instead of behind them. It’s what I’m here to see afterall! If that’s too difficult you could hide the chibi portraits during attack selection.


That’s actually a really easy change, they’re both drawn in the same viewport, so I can just change some depth variables.

Like this? I think putting the portrait over the status window might be too much information obscured.

Though, this makes me kind of want to make the command window always appear on the left. Hm.


hmm maybe an option to see the portraits without the menu option (i.e. pressing B to make the menu invisible)


Too confusing with the command window always on the left?


Yes Perfect! The artwork is much more visible.

I do think it is a bit too confusing if the command window isn’t on top of who you are selecting for. Maybe you could make the status windows swap places depending on who is selecting? Or perhaps fade out the one who isn’t being selected for? The highlight around the status window may be enough; wait and see what other people think.


In development: cooking mini-games


vinesauce detected


When is the update’s release date?


when you will stop asking about it.


I don’t understand the line of reasoning that causes people to ask such questions. Clearly Purrine is posting updates; so it’s not as if they would simply forget to mention when they are planning a next release. Therefore if we are not given such information it is because Purrine cannot share that information with us. They probably don’t know when the next release is!


When I have first 3 floors completed to a satisfactory degree, probably.
I’m sorry it takes me a long time to work. :<


is the only playable version of the game the one link earlier on? If so it’s quite enjoyable so far :slight_smile:


Yeah, it is. :slight_smile:


This game looks SO cute so far! Can’t wait for the next update!