DnD Inflation and Growth Module Archive

A small archive of various body inflation themed DnD Modules and addons for anyone who is interested in doing some stuff like that with their friends, here are links to all the ones i have found so far, go ahead and add any that you all can find as well.

Here is the OG ExpanDnD,

DnD 5e Weight Gain Rules,

I will post more shortly.


Here is a DnD weight gain System i found on a random forum tab, Dungeons and Dragons Weight Gain System | Page 1 | The Guild | Guild Forums | Gaia Online

Here is a DnD Deviantart Group that Specializes in Breast Expansion, and a couple of other things too.

Another DnD Deviantart Group with their small module Set called Doublechins and Dragons.

A Furaffinity artist that makes various Inflation Themed DnD Enhancements with quite nice illustrations tagged along with the classic wet paper aesthetic DnD is known for.

This person doesn’t make much DnD stuff, but their Bod of Holding concept could make for a nice small addon.

A vore addon that this guy made for 3.5, if your into that, who play’s 3.5, lmao.

Eka’s Portal, for more vore related things if you like,

A Quick Expansion System for DnD 5e, simple and easy to use for anyone new to DnD or inflation content for it and other stuff.

Adipea Expanding Horizons, a DnD overhaul Module that was inspired by ExpanDnD, add’s in a whole lot of new stuff like more spells, more monsters, more feats, tons of them too.

Here is the classic Book of Erotic Fantasy, it’s got some good stuff like sex, pregnancy, some inflation and expansion here and there, but also some less slightly things that some people would rather not have, like a Seventh Stat, which just messes up a lot of other stuff, but if you like what ya see, then go right ahead,

Count Javelins Castle and Renovated Version, got some good inflation content, for the 10 dollars, but the only campaign in it is pretty tame and it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, and i can’t seem to find a single group who plays it for some reason.

They also made this one that is 5 dollars, i think this one is also pretty alright.

Here is a body inflation themed DnD Discord Server, it’s pretty nice with plenty of stuff yall can check out.

There is this inflation DnD thing i found somewhere, seems legit but i don’t know how to access it and get it to load properly due to it being so incredibly old, and using a file type i have never seen before, so if you know how to get a hold of it, go ahead and help a dude out.

Here is a larger overall growth themed module for DnD 3.0, The D20 netbook of expansion, so you know it’s something for the old school vets.

Thats about all i have for now, go ahead and post anything related that you find and post them here, i will make sure to update when ever i find anything new to add, and hopefully we can find plenty of Growth and inflation DnD stuff to collect around and share to who ever is looking for some.

Oh, almost forgot about these two,

Ishky’s Guide to inflation and Weight Gain for 5e, this one has some nice stuff in it and works pretty smoothly with other modules as well, worth a look if you want some fun extra spells that are mixed with Vore and Bursting as well.

And Carbon Pink, a pretty large Module for anyone who likes a lot of heavily lewd content, contains all sorts of new spells, classes, and feats, while it doesn’t contain too much inflation, it does have tons of expansion, body modification, and transformation, plus it is illustrated by a very talented fetish artist who does draw some inflation, and the module itself should combo nicely with other modules in this list,

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is there a version for dnd 3.5 or for pathfinder?

Yeah, I think there should be seperate threads for the V3.5 and fifth edition versions of Dungeons & Dragons.

There is also Caelan’s guide.

Which one exactly are you looking for a 3.5 version of?

none in particular, just curious if any exist

Oh, well, some of them work with 3.5, like the Vore Addon by Ranger, and the netbook of expansion works with 3.0, go ahead ahead and check them out.

For an alternative for ExpanD&D for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons check out DND: Full Fantasy by MallowMaenad. I asked the creator if it was acceptable to post it here and Mallow said it was okay.

The document has a pretty large selection of races compared to ExpanD&D, including stuff like a Gallusine race which are basically anthropomorphic chickens known for laying unfertilized eggs, an Ectoid undead race which are skeletons padded with slime that emulate fat, and the Vesyian race, a massive and incredibly fat human-like race accustomed to a VR-like fantasy plane that they lost access to and were forced to start living in the material plane. A good pile of the races are anthropomorphic animal based, like cats, bears, whales, pigs, kangaroos, and so on, which is good for furry characters. Some are based on plants, such as the Frujnn, which are based on fruits and vegetables, and all have an internal juice of some kind which they can use for a boost for either themselves or an ally, while Solata are based on plants such as trees, flowers, and mushrooms, and have a way of producing their own fruit by being inherently able to cast the Goodberry spell.

There’s some rules for playing races as a different size than what they’re described to normally be, changing to a size between Tiny and Huge. An example of what this allows is having a Sagenku - a skunk like race that’s normally Small sized - to be large sized.

Class options include a new cultist class based around various deadly sins, a collection of themed subclass options for the 13 official classes (I like the idea of the Druid Circle of the Hive the most from the list), and two prestige class options, a Lipomancer and a Magnologist.

There are some themed background suggestions such as Food Critic, Model, Giant-Blooded, Spoiled Aristocrat, and Wretch in the document. New spells such as Bolstering Blubber, Blobify, Trim Fat, Windbag, and so on are also included for spellcasters to use.

Currently the creator is working on some content for game masters/Dungeon Masters to use, such as new monsters like the Gnome Oozetender.

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ooh, thats a really good one, noice contribution, as well as some more boosts to already existing races, i will have to check that one out sometime.


Yeah, I think it is pretty cool, especially with all of the races included as part of the document. Some of these I are concepts that seem unique to the document like the Ectoid and the Gallusine.

In my opinion, the DND: Full Fantasy backgrounds aren’t all like the ExpanD&D backgrounds. ExpanD&D seems to only have backgrounds which revolve around a character being fully engulfed in the topic of their book, such as Recovering Immobile for the main document, Slob for The Apocrypha of Letidýra, or Cattle for Matron Lustre’s Book of Secrets.

DND: Full Fantasy has something similar to Slob in the Wretch background, but it seems to involve the character being a slob even in present day. Swallowed Whole is another one similar to the ExpanD&D philosophy for backgrounds in my opinion. Not all of backgrounds are like that though. Spoiled Aristocrat doesn’t automatically imply that the character got fattened to immobility, and Model, Physician, and Bar Fly are pretty similar to official D&D backgrounds for fifth edition.

This makes DND: Full Fantasy seem useful for introducing some pre-made backgrounds that are reasonable and not over the top into ExpanD&D. Adipea doesn’t seem to like the backgrounds in ExpanD&D, and doesn’t include Storymaker’s backgrounds in the document. I can see the last four DND: Full Fantasy backgrounds I mentioned possibly being in the Adipea document as pre-made backgrounds.

Found a pretty decent looking system on here, i recommend giving it a look, it’s got a decent amount of Weight Gain related features for Pathfinder.