DND: Full Fantasy, a lite system involving Weight Gain/Inflation/Expansion + more

I know the concept has been done at least twice over, I should know I contributed to one of them, but I just wanted to make my own take on the idea with the goals of making something that

  1. involves less math
  2. is easier to run
  3. has content for kinks that are more niche/underrepresented in things like EDnD (what inspired me to make this more than just some musings was a couple friends lamenting how they felt the vore and slob content was rather paltry in EDnD supplements and how a lot of things had been stripped out of Adipea due to personal tastes of the staff)

I’m not well-versed in natural crit and don’t have the energy or woman-power to start an RP server as robust and organized as the upper management over at Adipea, so for now I’ll just be posting the google docs link here and looking around for feedback. As it stands now, the document includes the following:
-3 new skills: Greed and Metabolism (similar in function to the Eating skill in EDND/ADPA) and Flexibility
-A simple system for tracking fullness and digestion leading your character to building Fatness Tiers, which grant a numerical bonus in applicable situations as well as affecting new class features and archetypes.
-Martial classes (especially those that are under-performing like the ranger) have been given additional features themed around weight gain and expansion to even the power gap and provide kink rp opportunities that do not require spell casting
-2 archetypes for each class
-50+ spells and counting
-artificer infusions, a warlock pact and warlock invocations
-additional race traits for under performing races
-10 new races and a tiefling bloodline

word of warning just to reiterate: in addition to weight gain, expansion and inflation, this document contains elements of vore, slob, gas, bimbofication, shortstack and hyper muscle as well as other lite TF content.

hope everyone enjoys :slight_smile:


I swore there were already some replies to this thread… Anyways, this seems like an interesting thing to play with. What class do you think you would play first if you were a player of that system, [MammaryMaenad]? I’m about to read it right now, and the ten races claim is interesting.

I’m personally a big fan of the sorcerer class, though for this in particular I think I added some interesting features to the fighter class I’d like to try out. I managed to rack up about 9 unique race stat blocks with 1 set of variant traits for the minotaur, I plan on adding more in the future but at this point I’ll be focusing on equipment, infusions, invocations and spells and maybe giving each class one more archetype

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So far, the sentence about the mass limit is weirdly worded. “A character’s Mass Limit is equal to their Strength + their class modifier (small characters have 1/2 this amount)”

What do you mean by “class modifier?” I don’t think that’s a defined term in Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, I think you mean proficiency bonus. I guess by strength you mean their whole strength score and not the strength modifier, that way the value isn’t very low.

Each class has a mass limit as determined in the respective class section, each class has a different modifier to their mass limit, for example a barbarian has a mass limit equal to their Strength + 18 while a rogue has a mass limit of their Strength + 10

Just like with ExpanD&D I’d be eager to join any games that spring up and give it a go.

Always happy to see more approaches to weight content in D&D! I’ve only read through the core mechanics so far but I like what I’ve seen, and the brief skim I did of the species made me excited to read more (whale-people! extra-snakey yuan-ti!). It’s subtle, but my favorite thing I read so far is how Proficiency Bonus determines how fat you can handle being, and how you add to Encumbrance to model the consequences of exceeding that. I think that’s just so elegant and makes great use of existing 5e systems, well done.

I did have a few clarifying questions about how Mass, Fullness, and gaining work. Say there’s a medium-size, 1st-level Fighter with 16 STR and 16 CON. That would make her Mass Limit 32, correct? 16 STR + 16 for being a Fighter.

So let’s say this fighter goes to town on a delicious-looking banquet. According to the doc,

A standard meal typically yields 4 points of Mass to the body

Mass builds up against a character’s Mass Limit, each time they are filled up to their Mass Limit, they gain 1 level of Fullness

So it takes 8 platefuls for this hungry gal to reach her Mass Limit, and at that point, she reaches Fullness Level 1.

Mass builds up against a character’s Mass Limit, each time they are filled up to their Mass Limit, they gain 1 level of Fullness

Looking at the Fullness Levels chart, Fullness Level 1 puts you at Stuffed, but you need to get to Fullness Level 4 to become Bloated. So she would need to reach her Mass Limit another 3 times to become Bloated, which would require another 24 trips to the buffet? And to become Completely Full, it would require 10 Fullness Levels total, aka 320 Mass, aka the equivalent of 80 standard meals?

Let’s say the fighter spends all day stuffing her face, becomes Completely Full, and then takes a long nap to sleep it off. During that long rest she digests Mass equal to her CON score (16), gaining 8 pounds in the process, which still leaves her with 304 Mass. Does that mean it would take 20 days total to fully digest that meal?

Speaking of digesting, here’s another scenario: a character with 10 CON wants to eat the minimum requirement per day, 12 Mass, to avoid becoming Exhausted. However, they only digest 10 Mass per day, leaving them with a surplus of 2 every single day. So is it correct that to stave off starvation, they wind up gradually increasing their fullness over time as their body can’t keep up with its required intake? And does this character still gain 5 pounds per day if they don’t choose to risk exhaustion via exercise every day?

Thanks for all the work you put into this, I’m excited to read more into your species and class additions!

Though I won’t say I might have fudged the numbers a bit, the system is kind of a balancing act between erotic fantasy and realism, if your character does do nothing but eat an entire elf’s body weight at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, it’s definitely going to take some time for their body to handle that, and with the 10 CON scenario that may be an error on my part but I think much like taking so long to digest that much food, it does makes for some scenarios to RP with wether it be being massively round and struggling to move for so long or your character being always slightly bloated due to their only average Constitution. Other than just natural digestion, there are things like spells, race traits and class features. In particular at 7th level fighters are able to heal additional hit points from their Second Wind feature by digesting mass.

Really cool stuff here! Would love to try them out some time!

The Circle of the Hive Druid subclass based around bee hives has a great selection of spells in my opinion. I like how it has spells like Living Blimp and Blobify from the document, the related Insect Plague and Giant Insect spells, Plant Growth which makes sense since bees generally work to fertilize planets, and Floating Disk and Tiny Hut, as if the bees were assisting you in many ways. The spells are easy to flavor due to the hive theming, I imagine that Blobify’s result is caused by either having bees sting a person or feeding magical fattening honey to a person (either you or someone you want), and Plant Growth may be caused by the bees rapidly fertilizing the terrain nearby.

The features are likable too. You have a swarm of bees which can do various things like move other creatures nearby to another nearby location and create a honeycomb wall about five feet tall. At level six you get a new ritual that lets your swarm feed you so you can survive and also get a spell slot and Mystic Swarm charge. At level fourteen you get insect wings of your own to fly like a large bee as well.

Overall it is a good contender to Circle of the Moon Druid subclass for me in terms of interest. I like it so far, what is your opinion on it?

Oops! Looks like the Circle of the Hive spell list mentions a “Circle of Wildfire Spells table.”

Haha! You caught me bein’ lazy >w< I’ll fix that next time I’m at me computer

New additions:
-1 new artificer infusion and 1 new invocation
-flexible armor types, 2 for each kind of armor
-specified rules for wearing undersized armors

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Is Soothe Stomach still supposed to be a Bard and Druid spell or is it currently intended to be Cleric only? It appears in the Bard and Druid class spell lists but the spell description only mentions cleric.

I think it was originally intended to be cleric only but i thought it made sense to add to the druid/bard spell list

New additions:

-Boulder Dwarves
-Sensual Elves
-Street Gnomes
-Hearthborne Halflings
-Fertility Aasimar
-Oil Genasi
-18 new pieces of “adventuring gear”

Nearly forgot, also added variant traits for the dragonborn

New Additions:

-Food Critic background
-Spoiled Aristocrat background
-Surviving Prey background
-2 new pieces of “adventuring gear”



-Dollfolk race with 2 subraces
-Bar Fly background
-Courtesan background
-Model background
-3 Feats
-5 new “adventuring gear” items
-7 magic items
-Rules for hiring personal trainers and feeders, deflation services and gym memberships

-reformatted part of race section in await of additional subraces for vanilla races
-added rules about the effects of wearing oversized armor

Since there’s a lot of people that seem interested in this project, do y’all think I should make a Discord server? It won’t be even close to as well-organized as what Adipea or storymaker has and I can’t guarantee that games could even be ran there, but it’d be a place to discuss it, suggest changes and additions, maybe at least some RP and I could migrate my update notes to there instead.