Planning Weight Gain/Expansion/Etc., DnD Game using homebrew system

Hi! I’ve written a system in a similar vein to ExpanD&D/Adipea and I plan on using it to run an adventure soon. I am going to start out with the Waterdeep: Dragonheist module just to give me a buffer to write more original content as the adventure continues. The general outline so far is:

-Wednesdays after 5pm EST
-Over discord with dice bot (it’ll be put to vote if players would prefer post by post or playing over a voice chat)
-Any base races or races within my document are fair game, if they’re from unearthed arcana or other homebrew I can look it over and approve it for use. Same goes with classes but I’d discourage against using homebrew classes as the document introduces additional features for each base class and artificer that cater to the new systems. UA Mystic is outright banned.
-I will not be using the faction system in the module and would prefer to avoid setting-related content to allow more room to branch out once the adventures within it are done.

DM me for an invite to the server, or you may be able to find one available in the original post linking to the document: DND: Full Fantasy, a lite system involving Weight Gain/Inflation/Expansion + more