Do any know of vore/fat games

I want to play games but can’t find any I like or fun Can some help find me some fetish games that are fun and has a good story to it thank you for your time to read my post

Two of my favorite vore and weight gain games are Fatties Eating Fatties! and Project F.A.T. Not sure if they would suit you, but you can maybe check them out.

Alternatively, there’s some other possibilities on A user maintained list of games Two of the games on there (Fatty Text Adventure and Some Kinda Text Game) were really great in my opinion despite neither of them really being finished, but the shutdown of flash kind of killed those games.


know of any vore games or no Just asking dragos_drakkar

@Dragos_Drakkar gave you two recommendations and a list of games on the site updated by users here for some games in general (some that will contain vore).

You can also use the search function on the site with the word vore as either a search or looking up the categories/tags and checking out the vore tag. You can also do this under the advanced search function on desktop by clicking the “tagged” drop down section and typing in vore to the optional tags section.


Really like more game vore/fat but soo look 2 games (my english is bad)