Do you know of any games where getting fatter is an active detriment to the player?

I don’t seem to find many games where weight is a considerable obstacle to completion. Even ones where there are pros and cons seem to have more pros than cons.

I prefer my weight gain games to not have it as a detriment


eat the dungeon has it dramatically slow attack speed.


The game I and the guys are developing ( Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up) will have pros and cons when you gain weight


Oh! The game I’m trying to work out, Krypt’s Tomb, does have that! Gaining weight will allow you to contain more gas for your gas tank and possibly more defense, but you sacrifice lots of speed, and even your jump height with each state. And with the New Game+ idea, in which the weight gained from your previous run transferring over, makes the game even more dangerous. Do note, that weight will be required to progress.

I’m glad to see a few games in development are toying with the idea of adding a detriment to weight gain. I’d like to see more of it. Like slowed movement speed/low agility, or the inability to access certain areas of the map from being too large. I think having a higher weight be a trade off towards other abilities makes sense, like a higher defense/attack or the ability to weigh down buttons to open gates, etc.

Thank you, haha. I really do think that too big for some rooms idea is interesting, and it’d save back tracking, but I do plans to be sorta similar to Metroid (look through my topic to see more deets on Krypt’s Tomb), so I don’t know how it’d exactly…work?

Sneak Feast makes you bigger so it is harder to get into hiding spots and what not

A big issue with making players slower as they get fatter is that it usually makes the game suck to play. So by getting what they want the player is making the game worse

Considering that so few games actually do this, which game in particular are you referring to where it “makes the game worse”?

There was a whole thread about a similar topic a while ago. Odd trend I've noticed among weight gain/inflation and expansion games.

Turris Puesco (has a topic here), I used to work on it years ago.

You had different armor / clothing sizes and could be unable to wear them due to being too skinny or fat.

Being too fat also meant failing certain events such as getting inside cracks etc and getting goodies.

The 2nd boss and 3rd floor monsters fattened you up, which meant possibly being immobile.

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Is there any way to still play Turris Puesco? Last I heard someone was trying to get it running again with permission from the creator but it was missing some tables required to get the game working.

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