DO you like a fetish game that last 30 mins to a 2 hour or 8 hour+

I have been play a ton of Fetish games on this site and I just been wondering what you guys think?

For me I like a short games that last a 30 min to a 2 hour because I work 8 hour days and make art work on the side so I like playing a quick game get to the good part and then replay it on a later day.

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I’m in the 1-2 hour range. I prefer shorter games with a lot of enjoyable content over longer ones that are more spaced out with theirs.

My preference would be something a bit more long form. I like gradual gain, and it’s easier to tell a long story then a short one. If it’s too short, it always feels like it’s lacking something.


Depends on the genre and design. Pacing IMO is far more important than max theoretical play time because it doesn’t matter how long the game is if it isn’t enjoyable while you are playing. If the pacing is too short, it may feel incomplete and less engaging, too long and players won’t bother grinding/waiting for things to happen.

You’ll also need to think about what kind of game you’re making first before figuring out how to work out length and pacing lol.


I agree wholeheartedly with cheddar! The length of the game should suit the genre! In my opinion the more content dense the game the longer it can be, simply by virtue of the player not just waiting around for things to happen, they should be enjoying the whole experience if possible. Especially if the game is turn based, it needs a great deal happening each turn to keep the player’s attention - or at the very least the player needs to feel like they are progressing in an aspect they want to progress in. — Its the question of: How much of the content should be fetish/reward content, and how long can all the content remain interesting in the chosen format, in various questions posted to the site im sure all of this has been answered though its still tough to get it right :slight_smile:

I like a long game. I want to work for it. I’m the guy that for the most part enjoys the grind.

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If it doesn’t lose my interest quickly, and doesn’t frustrate me, I’m good to go for hours. But put me off, and I tend to quit for good. I can be very easily bothered by something that, to others, is a trifle…

If it’s good enough make it 8+ hours and I will play it no matter what.

30 min it’s good for a small fetish game, but if it’s a RPG, it can be longer.

Two hours of awesome is always better than eight hours of decent, IMO. On the other hand, it can be a bit disappointing when a great fetish game abruptly ends while I’m enjoying myself. My personal ideal would be a game that’s both long and consistently great throughout.

However, even the best gameplay experience can overstay its welcome. In order for a game to be both long and good, it needs to include enough variety or escalation to keep things interesting. Pieces of content can be excellent on their own, but they can feel like filler if they’re too similar to what the player has already experienced.


As long as it’s enjoyable throughout, it doesn’t matter if it lasts 10 minutes or 10 hours.

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