don't know if there is still a link here for this but here is boundless

you can save in the memories menu just type in the name you want your save file to be and it should save hopefully.

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for anyone curious there are only 4 statues you can interact with (nefirian, nameless, pheonix, eva and nath) and the commands are:
fight me(nameless and pheonix)
is pain necessary?/pain is unecessary(nameless)
hi dad/hi mom/ hi mom and dad(eva and nath)
tell a joke(eva and nath)
help(eva and nath, nefirian)
drink (nefirian)
eat me(nefirian)
if I missed any feel free to correct me


Hello! I’m engaging in active archival digging tasks every now and then to find pieces of lost media. I consider myself pretty good at it, so let me see if what I can and can’t uncover.

Findings 1:
The original page for “Spiteful Fatty” download is, entirely missing. I will ask our friends on this site in a more general discussion post later after checking on Miragin X in more detail. (The link for Spiteful Fatty can be found originally on the “Boundless RPG” site, however… Said domain has been taken over by internet pirates and is currently host to a clickbait trojan/doxxing site.)

Findings 2: After looking through what I can assume to be the entire summary of all of the art and blogs Leupai has ever posted, reposted, and all that, I can say it’s safe to presume both games are gone. There is however, a starbound mod that is alive and kicking if you feel like snagging yourself one of the old versions of starbound to boot it up.


hey guys says its moving servers? is this a new thing or am i using the wrong link to play boundless

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likely the server is gone for good unless someone has the original files


Given what the page says, try again in a few days.
Hopefully it’ll come back online with no issues.


sounds weird, thought it was just abandoned and was there.

if anyone has the original files please send them to me!

This here Mega link is still live. Just used it.

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sorry, but i meant the venturaga mod version haha

uhhh not sure you could download, but the link seems to work again. and, there’s a system warning for me about privacy, uh oh

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it’s just because the certificate hasn’t updated. it’s fairly common with unmaintained blog sites sadly.

Is there anywhere I can find more information about what’s happened here? I want to learn more about this, as I feel I am being more and more invested the longer I read this thread.

Isn’t the mod DC4E or whatever it’s called still somewhat available? Also, I remember playing this and getting up to the mountains but had no idea what to do next. I don’t even think that game would allow me to look at my character. Not to mention the character creation is randomized instead of allowing you to select whatever.

DC4E? Never heard of that.

gluttonyan is referring to the venturegame hosted link that was posted a bit earlier. Boundless 4CE

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Right the modded version that is incomplete.