don't know if there is still a link here for this but here is boundless


#1 for a dead game this is still highly playable


Can anyone tell me if the know how to finish this game.


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i didnt know what to categorize it as. It is not my game but i couldn’t find it in this site.


There was a mod being made for it by a member of the community, but the original creator asked them to stop and I guess the post got taken down. It’s a shame.


It really is a shame. Never again will there be something with such a sense of grandiosity and wonder blended with sanitized visceral and grotesque imagery. It worked especially well not in spite of the developer’s sex-repulsion, but perhaps even because of it; matter-of-fact scenes of parasitism and body horror were present to flesh out the setting as necessary, but not dwelt on so as to allow the player to use their imagination whenever they desired.

It definitely had its flaws, of course. Even if the scope of the project could… MOSTLY fit into the confines of Twine, a lot of the systems that were on top of the “text adventure” element were a bit clunky… ESPECIALLY the inventory and crafting system.

Revecroix will likely never do anything with their game ever again, and because the mod author was foolish enough to propose sexual content, nobody else will, either. Any game that attempts to capture the spirit of Boundless will be seen as a pale imitator retreading the same ground or will simply fail at recreating the “recipe.” A pity.