DOOM BFG (Big Fatty Game) - A DOOM mod IDEA


I have been delving into the DOOM mods recently and I came up with a mod concept that involves voluptuous demons, fattening food, and more!

If I had the programming know-how, or a sprite artist, I would be dilligently working on this. Alas, all I can do is write stories and be creative. As far as I know, I do not believe a mod like this exists for the game, hence why I want to get this out there! :slight_smile:

I am currently away from home, and I’ll edit with more images and better formatting when I am on my desktop.

• Introduction

What is DOOM?

DOOM is the classic first person shooter for the PC (I really shouldn’t have to explain this) This game has an extensive modding library ranging from simple map packs to complete game overhauls. The objective in the game is to survive and reach the exit switch/portal at the end of each level. Utilising various guns and powerups the player can rip and tear through hordes of enemies.

What will the mod be?

DOOM BFG (Big Fatty Game) in concept will put a twist in the run and gun gameplay that the original establish.
In a nutshell, (later sections will elborate) the mod would a dynamic weight gain and size mechanic to the player character. The character sprite (doomguy) can be male or female.

The goal of each level remains the same - reach the finish. However, in DOOM BFG, there will be obstacles to prevent you from doing so. In the mod, the player can fail if their health reaches zero, or the player cannot move anymore. (Due to extreme fattening) There are enemies that are capable of damaging your health and increase your weight. Healing items will recover your HP, but at the cost of weight gain.

As the player gains mass (through items/monsters) theirs mobility is affected until compete immobility. From there they are forced a reset or to a previous save. The player can get stuck in tight corridors when reaching a threshold. More will be elaborated in the subsections below.

How will you make this mod happen?

As I mentioned before, I do not have any experience in modding DOOM, nor any of the skills involved to do so. The best I can do is put the concept out there and hope someone more talented can make it happen :smile: I had fun enough making up everything and imagining it working. If there is a collective group then I will help as best as I can.

Will there be other fetish elements?

This mod would focus on fat and weight gain. However, if one were to develop this into a full fledged mod, he or she could add whatever as long as it pertains to the theme.

• Mod Mechanics

The Fattening System

In BFG, there are two approaches to the FS that comes to my mind.

**Armor Overhaul Version

Replacing the armor mechanic (or changing) will be the fatness count/number. By default the player starts up with zero armor, and can pick up a set or fragments throughout the level. With the mod change, instead of armor fragments/sets, it will be replaced with a variety of food. Collecting food will increase the fatness number, and health too (depending on the item). The armor mechanic can remain the same as the higher the value the more protection from damage the PC will have. Damage from enemies can also raise the number if possible.

The ‘armor’ stat caps out at 200, and will be the ‘immobile’ level, with every 25 percent downwards is a stage of fatness.

Stage examples:
0= Normal 25= pudgy 50= Overweight 75= Fat 100= Corpulent 125= Obese 150= Morbidly Obese 175= Near Immobility 200= Immobility.

With each stage, debuffs are added to the character. Examples of such are as follows: Lower run speed, running disabled, wider hitbox, and more. Also, with each item pickup, the characters thoughts the the text in the top of the screen can change.

The goal of the player is not to get hit, or pick up too many health/food items. This provides a challenge to play carefully as each enemy has their own damage values and status effects.

*** Standalone Fatness

This option will be better to keep armor the way it is. This version will behave just like above, with the execption of having armor.

The Player Character - Doomguy/Doomgirl

In DOOM the character you play as is a male commonly called ‘Doomguy’. In BFG, the mod would have a male and female version of this character. The PC (Player Character) has multiple sprites involved.

First and foremost is the POV sprite aka the gun/weapon. For the sake of convenience (and design) there are no ways determine size changes through the wielding of the gun. However the guns in the game could be themed or not, and for that will require sound and sprite work. But for the sake time and theme, the guns can be left to theirs vanilla counterparts. The only difference can be the ‘fists’ as if the player gets larger the animation can change with it.

The PC has a third person sprite, which can be displayed in various ways. In the original game, third person can be toggled (through a setting) and in multiplayer where you’re able to see it. This is where the “physical” weight gain will be shown. Clothes/armor etc. can change throughout the stages. (Distended, ripped, naked, etc.) In the POV camera, the sprite can be viewed at all times, letting the player know of their current fatness level.

Finally, there is the face sprite. It is placed in the HUD, and it gives a visual cue to the health of the PC. In the mod it can be replaced by the 3rd person sprite, or remain and expand with fatness.


There are many enemies in DOOM and depending on the amount of effort and modding, BFG could be a fantastic mod. However, the mod could work with minimal adjustments, as the core mechanic of weight gain can still occur through item pickups. Below will be a picture of a modded DOOM game featuring modfied sprites and gameplay. The sky is the limit when it comes to it! But for the mod theme could center around food, thick and fat women, or monsters shaped like food.

(At a later time, I will edit the post with monster ideas)

Levels and Graphics

Once again, this is something that can be left the same. However there are item replacements that would be affected by the hypothetical mod. (Food instead of medkits/armor)

As for graphics, there can be changes to the HUD, menu and more if desired.

•Example of A Modded Doom Game

This image is an example of a modded version of DOOM. This screenshot has the mods ‘La Tailor Girl’ and ‘Stylish Hell’. The mod concept could look similar to that if done correctly. (Obviously with a fatty/weightgain theme) This is an example of a third person sprite in the HUD, unique enemies, and more shows what modded DOOM is capable of. I believe this idea is possible, however will take tremenous amounts of work, especially to get to this level.


Once again, I do not know how to mod DOOM to achieve what I’ve discussed. I wanted to share to the community this mod concept since it seems to be in the realm of possibility. I could learn how to myself (and I’m sure I can) but with a busy life, its going to be incredibly hard. If nothing comes out of this post, I had fun sharing it in the first place! :smile:


Great Idea but the only thing that bugs me about the concept is the fact that you lose if you gain too much weight. I would’ve had preferred something along the lines of like having demon butlers carry you around if you reach immobility, because I don’t want the weight gain to hinder the ability to play. Or otherwise have like a player config that allows you to change the penalties for being so fat. As for help and experience, I can only provide feedback as I have next to no idea about spriting the models but I’m sure this post will garner some interest and eventually expand (haa) into a fully fledged mod, because I definitely would enjoy that. Anyways thanks for reading this long post.

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A nice idea, one that makes the typical blunder associated with WG games. IE, the player is punished for indulging in the very fetish the game is designed around.

Getting fat should be the entire point, either the PC Doomgirl or the ‘enemies.’


For example, when it gets fat, you can see the fat of your face on the first person screen, your breathing noise becomes intense with every walk, and you can not move because you are tired.
After that, I can not hold a heavy weapon or the turn becomes slow.
It seems that everyone here is thinking.

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Are you looking for just general ideas atm?

I think the concept idea is great, however I think Wear would like to pass on the idea, perhaps a bit tweaked to someone who can actually create a functional mod

I guess this can work with trying to learn how to mod Doom ^ .^;

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You have a point. I forgot to mention about how the player would remain or maintain size. There could be some weight loss power ups added as well. Mod settings would be a great idea to configure the weight gain, and loss to the users delight. Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat when it comes to creating this mod. I can only express my ideas, and hope someone things it would be a worthwhile time to do. :blush:

I understand that cliche. Some people enjoy the themes of WG, and only want to experience that. At the same time, there is a degree of challenge and fun when the player is oversized, and has difficulty navigating what would seem simple to do. I figured the idea would be more entertaining through a gameplay perspective, with the WG of course.

That being said, upon reading some of the comments, I’ve been formulating an idea on a ‘trade-off’ system for the weight gain, that would give buffs, but debuffs as well. I’ll post it in a comment or something when I’m done.

Would the trade off system be very similar to Coldsteelj’s Fallout 4 mod? Where the higher your weight the more health that you have at the cost of agility(stamina maybe) and movement speed.

shoot the enemies until they become immobile


This post is all concept and ideas. After seeing and playing many DOOM mods, I think this whole thing could be possible. I wish I had the time to learn how to develop it. :sob:

is there online tutorials on how to make sprites or animations for Doom demons?

I was thinking of something in the lines of that. I also think a powerup of some sort like a futuristic mobility scooter would work too. However it would be a rare item that would be in a secret. That way it would prevent the ‘soft-lock’ of being immobile. Of course it could be a built in feature. (Or mod setting)

I can imagine a hidden weapon that can fatten enemies to immobility. That would be an cool concept.

On the topic of sprite editing, I was thinking about looking into it. I am currently in the middle of my work week, and do not have the time to delve into it just yet.

The biggest obstacle is the programming aspect. That’s out of my league :confused:

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If you need an example for really good sorting for inspiration check out a Doom mad called H-Doom.
Also there is an artist named cleverfoxman who created a Wolfenstien game Mod where you shoot inflation darts at enemies until they pop, he may be a good bet to get in contact with.

I’ve heard of H-Doom, and its spritework. I’ll look into some frame of reference and inspiration if I get into doing the sprites myself.

I actually think a good way to also help with the challenge is having mobility boosters hidden around the map, starting with a lower immobility threshold to start, capable for it to increase permanently with each pickup. For example you can start the limit at 100, but as you go and explore the map, you find powerups in the shape of sturdy boots, increasing the threshold by 10-15 each, or the rare scooter permanently increasing it by 50 each.
This would encourage exploration around the map as well as give people something so weight gain isn’t entirely a punishment.

I would also suggest secret rooms or pathways that can only be accessed by certain weight levels, so weight gain is encouraged while also a risk.

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Thats a good idea. It would encourage complete exploration, and the challenges that come with it. It would be cool if there was a level pack designed for the mod. But if this mod were to come to reality, it would have to work with the classics from the first and second Doom.

Placing the threshold enhancers in the secret areas (in hidden doors/corridors) would work very well.


I’m glad to see some love for this kinda idea! It’s something I thought about a while back, but never thought all the way through. I’m all for this and to see where it goes, and I’d love to help anyway I can!

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