Draconic Expansion, a dragon girl extortion, city building simulator (For Real this Time)

NEW UPDATE OUT, Many bug and balancing fixes!

Here’s my submission for this year’s game jam! it takes inspiration from a drawing I made, see above.
This game is a simple city builder made in RPG maker. You play as one of three dragon girls who take over a town filled with humans and extort them for all they are worth. Order around the humans and other dragons in your court to do your bidding.

Balance stats such as Happiness, Control, Defense, Productivity, Opulence, Wealth, Building Resources and of course Weight. 10 different normal buildings, and 6 larger projects.

Survive the humans constantly trying to take back the village from you

New game plus, making it farther along in the game or building the large structures will unlock codes you can enter to access New Game+. Codes will also have another special feature attached to them. Unlock a few of them, and you’ll see. Mostly obtained from getting further in the game, reaching new weight levels, or building the large structures.

Three endings, though two are very similar.

Custom sprites for the dragon girls.

Worry about potential coup attempts from the other girls, but even if you lose, the game continues. You will play as that character instead from that point forward.

Draconic Expansion by failmuseum (itch.io)


Updated version, go ahead and download it now!


There was a last minute bugfix. It just changes one bug, but it was a pretty serious one unless you played as Malin.

How do I get gold faster? I can’t figure out of to get any outside of the +2 that I get daily, but +2 isn’t enough to afford what I need to.

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Use the dragonling (the imp sprite in the court room). Choose the option “shake down Dragon Gate”
He will give you 3 options. If the town itself has 25 gold, you can take it from them. You need higher control to take the larger amounts of money all at once. It’s more efficient with happiness if you can afford it.

The town earns gold from the markets mostly. Selling Iron resources early can be a very easy source of cash if you aren’t planning on needing it.


I haven’t really done much with cutscene before, but I want to ask, how was the intro of the game? Just curious for feedback.


The Intro is good. It’s simple and gets its point across well.

One thing I’m finding weird though, is that if I try to treat Serrin or Malin to dinner, the game says “You don’t have any restaurants to visit”, despite the fact that I actually DO have a restaurant built. What’s even weirder about this to me is that I know for a fact that the ‘take to dinner’ option WAS working very early on, before I built a restaurant

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What’s the likelihood of this being expanded upon?

Gameplay, concept, setting, and basically everything else tick all of the boxes and really justify continued development of what, imo, is an excellent game.


Am I that bad at the game??? I can’t build the wall. :sob: :sob: :sob:

need a lot of stone, 50 gold and a bit of wood
build a stone mine + a house to get stone faster

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a delightful game to play, however im just… not smart enough to play it i guess lmao


How many pictures are in?

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found the issue and fixed it, next update will have this resolved

High. Likely will be a side project I go back to when I need a break from Heroes on a Budget. The main thing I would want to work is the court system since that didn’t make it, more events for gifts (another feature that was bugged and will be fixed in the next update. The gold gift actually did nothing, never noticed it because I always had a debug code turned on), balancing the early game since it wasn’t meant to be so brutal, and have more of a focus on individual characters (mostly the main cast, but others as well).

On a playthrough with no codes active, this is pretty much a mandatory thing to do on month 1 or 2.
After a first playthrough, no matter which ending you get, if you built the wall you will get a code to have it prebuilt for free. This is true for all of the large structures.

Only two at the moment. I want hand drawn art in the game eventually, but I only had time for reusing the two panels from the picture above (although I used the uncensored version of the second panel).


So selecting to sell your iron resource actually gives you iron instead of removing it and giving you gold

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I don’t think so, I looked at the code and it says that it’s selling it. What is your production stat like? Your mines might just be producing it faster than they can sell it. Stone mines also produce a little iron as well, if you have both that might explain it.

Which market are you using to sell the iron?

Just wanted to add that I really like your game as a concept, and how it works. If you have the time to look into it, I wanted to mention a few potential bugs or errors:

  1. When you try to build statues, they seem to not be allowed to build up if you have 15 gold. I haven’t been able to confirm it, but I think the game might be checking if you have 25 gold, instead of 15;
  2. I might be wrong here, but it seems that assigning more people to the restaurant doesn’t seem to improve the town’s ability to generate wealth, but the happiness buff does seem to stack;

I forgot to mention 1 important bug!
Although it says it costs only 1 iron, the statue somehow eats up 10 iron when built, even taking your iron inventory into negative.
Apologies for that.


Love the concept but this game isn’t for me

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Also love the concept, but it definitely needs some polish. I finally managed to build the wall while feeling like I had some decent productivity beforehand, but control and happiness had spiraled down into nothing and my food production couldn’t keep up and it just feels like I can’t do anything about it. Thought I was about to get things back under control by building a guard post and a restaurant, but neither of them seemed to help at all.

The restaurant, in particular, says I’m assigning workers as guards when I put people to work on it.

I’m personally not too fond of how the other dragon sisters can usurp control from the one you picked. Most likely the player is going to pick the one that appeals to them most design wise, and having control of that dragon wrested from you feels really bad. As it is I just saved before going to bed and reloaded if I lost the coup.

The “no codes if you failed to build the wall” feels like it adds insult to injury too. Some pity stone to start would help soften the blow, considering stone is the big wall at the start (pun sort of intended)


Same : Tried to start after taking notes of EVERYTHING in the books but once outside I was completely lost as to what to do… A short tutorial to get things started could have been a welcomed implementation for this kind of game.

In my opinion at least.