Gain Jam 2022 WINNERS!

Ladies and gentlemen! We humbly beg your forgiveness for the wait but at long last we can announce the final scores for the 2022 Gain Jam! Before we get into the winners, however, I would first like to thank all of the 44 participating teams for this year, as well as the judges @Roops, @Juxtaterrestrial, @grotlover2, and @kilif, alongside myself, for all of their hard work in what has been our biggest Gain Jam to date!

Having judged each and every one of these entries, I know how close some of these decisions were and lamentable it is that we only have so many prizes to award in the face of such strong competition. So without further ado, let’s roll out this year’s winners!



In 3rd place we have the delightful Voracious Riches by @SomeoneInflative! :3rd_place_medal:

In 2nd place, tyranny has never felt so rewarding in Draconic Expansion, a dragon girl extortion, city building simulator by @failmuseum! :2nd_place_medal:

And finally, definitely putting money where their mouth is, in 1st place it’s Coinpurse Kobold by CreatureUnknown, aka @BloatedGoyle! :trophy:

Best-In Awards

Best Art goes to Pro Skater XXL by @CaptainElderly! :art:

Best Sound goes to Manic Mimic by @nametaken, Inflation Fan Gamer and the rest of “Team Manic Mimic”! :musical_score:

Best Writing goes to The Salvage Run by @MightyHalberd! :black_nib:

And, last but not least, the Community Choice Award goes to our very own 1st place winner! It’s Coinpurse Kobold by CreatureUnknown, aka @BloatedGoyle! :heart:
(greedily snatching up two awards is pretty fitting for this year’s Jam winner, haha!)

Congratulations to each of you, one and all! We will be reaching out to the the submission thread posters to discuss collection of the cash prizes and you can expect to see the detailed breakdowns of the second round judging for the Top 5 posted on their respective threads very soon!

And in addition to the winners above, I would like to once again thank and congratulate all those who participated this year, our amazing community, as well as our backers on Patreon, whose generous support helps us to fund the general operation of the site as well as projects and events like the Gain Jam!

Without the support we get from all of you all this would not have been possible! Thank you all!

Raw score sheet:


Oh geez! Well thank you! Very glad to have been able to participate this year! Crazy to have won two now!