Voracious Riches

Explore an ever-changing dungeon full of expansive creatures in the hopes for finding some riches in this roguelike card-battler! Gather Passives that will make your runs stronger, and die with them to turn them into Memories - weaker variants of the Passives that last forever, and stack infinitely! Not only that, every time you beat the final boss, all enemies are made harder in their own unique ways! There is even a [secret boss] that becomes available after beating the game once!(Please fight them I put too much effort into them)

I expect this to probably have some bugs as I literally decided I’ve “finished” this game RIGHT NOW right before I’m uploading it. That’s how close I’m cutting it short of the deadline date. The fact that I managed to get this “complete” in time is a miracle in of itself.

As a result, I had to skip out on a few things, the biggest thing being that all of the expanded-enemy sprites were not complete. For the most part, everything else should be fine, and I DO intend on coming back to this after the Jam is fully over to touch up some things and finish the spritework.


Is it just me or is the download on itch missing??

I took it down for a moment, it should be fine now!

I love the characters in this! Currently working on beating the secret boss, but I’ve loved the experience you’ve given here. Honestly if this was fleshed out more I would absolutely see paying for something like this!

First thing, the art is just amazing, I mean gorgeous!! I love the doodle style of everything and the weight gain stages are just perfect! I also really enjoy the cute upgrade and card titles across the board! The Fwomf mechanic is also very clean and I like how you can balance between having all your cards and intentionally fattening up the angel/devil to remove their card pool, it’s an extremely creative touch to the mechanics! It’s really great for the state that it’s in, and I love it! I’m more than ecstatic to see it fully finished with enemy sprites and the like! It’s also pretty well-balanced for the most part! Overall, this game is an 11/10 and I hope to see more!


That’s really meaningful to hear~! I feel very iffy about making anything I make cost money, but I do greatly appreciate your words!

Also damn lmao that was fast! Glad to see people seeing it so far through!

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Loving this a lot. I haven’t progressed much but I do wish the deck size was larger, or there was a way to gain more actions per turn.

Guard is spelt wrong.

After attempting the secret boss I can confirm this is one of the best games of the jam. Just needs polish and maybe even more horny. I really like the memory system.
Imminent Destruction my beloved

I mispelled Guard like 4 different times in the process of making this, I thought I got them all dammit

Thank you! And yes, Imminent Destruction is purposefully the best Memory/Passive. I wanted to at least give the player a consistent way of getting more powerful, and damage was definitely it.

I did have the idea of maybe making a passive that would allow you to have 3 card uses per turn if at low health, but I couldn’t think of a good memory variant that would infinitely scale

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Thank you so much for this comment!! I didn’t think the art turned out that good, so seeing people enjoying it anyway is something I’m very relieved to hear!


Its like Slay the Spire, but with cute fat girls! Emphasis on cute, I really love the designs for all the characters. I really like how each characters’ weight interacts with all sorts of cards and synergies, too.

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this game exceeded my expectations, well done my boy this is a delightful little dungeon crawler youve put together


Went back to my forgotten account specifically for the comment, lmao. The best game of this GameJam. I love this artstyle, the battles are very interesting and fun, and I really liked the musical theme of the boss. If you make a full version, or keep working on the game, it will make my life a little better :smiley:

Thank you very much for the game. I’ve been playing for half a day and have already passed at least several times =_)

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The amount of people asking for a fuller game has certainly started to tempt me - I may have to add it to my list of future games later on. For now this is what I want it to be, save for the art, which I will definitely try to finish sooner rather than later.

Either way, thank you very much for the compliments~!


Even if those characters arts looks like unfinished scratch drawn on paper I REALLY like those arts and how characters look! Extrachromosome , do you have a deviantart page? Where can I see your other arts?
Also, a few bugs which I found:

  1. When succubus get fifth stage of “fwoomp” her character sprite changes on smaller one instead of bigger one.
  2. I am getting crash error when I try to use card which remove 10 temptation from knight:

    P.S. When I only started to play in the game the first thing that struck me was how good the music is here, but then I reached boss fight and… Those vibes is so amazing that I want to download this sound track on my phone very much. I already failed 5 next runs and still continue just to hear this amazing music again! To hear this music again here and now before I go to sleep!
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Both bugs I hope have been fixed in the updated version! The Game Jam Release will keep all bugs, where the other version will update when I can!

And my DA and Twitter are both SomeoneInflative! I need to update my WG username…


Found boss music: Shagged inst - YouTube