The Salvage Run

You’re a scrappy captain out to make the fortune of a lifetime on a salvage run when disaster strikes, putting you out of action. Can you direct your team to loot the ship and turn a profit on this venture, even as they’re affected by a strange reactor leak?

So yeah this is a simple-ish Twine text adventure game I made based on the theme of Greed. It’s pretty straightforward, every day you can direct your team to find loot on the ship and sort through the loot you find to locate the valuable stuff, the goal being to get as much valuable scrap as possible before you decide to leave…or more likely until your teammates get too big to work.

Only wildcards I used for this are MINIONS. I would add the image but for the life of me I can’t figure out how twine can use images. :sweat_smile:


Nice game! And good that there’s an ending for feeling too guilty to go through with it, haha. After finishing it (ending 3) I took a peak inside, and if I’m reading it right endings are based only on haul and not crew weight or the like which feels a bit odd given how they vary rather a bit in tone - not a huge deal though.

Also thanks for putting in the way to look at the endings after getting an ending.

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Thank you! And you’re right, the endings are based on the amount of loot you get for now. I actually did want to have a more dynamic ending based on character weights but I cut that out due to time constraints. The bones of that idea are part of the “true ending” that you get with the highest score and more dynamic weight-related events are the big thing I want to incorporate in future updates.

Impeccable writing! I was engrossed throughout! Diving into a sci-fi setting can often feel overwhelming and turgid but your prose was clear, engaging and chock with good imagery to the extent that it doesn’t want for visual elements. This also translated well to the gameplay and in determining each crew member’s strengths and where best to apply them.

I’m pleased I got Vaska’s ending in my initial run, and I’m happy to see that all the endings are of similarly excellent quality.


Extremely flattered, thank you! I confess I stressed the most about the endings and I’m just really stoked that they worked so well ^^

Interesting adventure it was. What impressed me most is the writing, I loved Vaska’s descriptions how she wants to work to the very end while she slowly gets immobile. However I find the idea of ending based on loot weird, as others pointed as well. 173 loot here. It’d be much better to have ending based on crew’s weight, also I’d suggest adding some more intimate relations with crew members. Like, with who to side, who to help etc. I get that you probably were short on time, but I deeply believe that I’d be better to make player actually feel like playing for e.g. Vaska will result in getting Vaska’s ending instead of what is for now. To sum up, I liked most the descriptions and had fun playing it but ending system doesn’t work for me.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I can definitely see where you’re coming from with the ending system being a bit week. I admit I deliberately kept that simple to focus more on the quality of the writing, which I feel was my strength here. That being said the ending system is absolutely something I’m going to tackle in post Game Jam versions so stay tuned for that. I’m thinking that the ending you get would depend entirely on character relations and other factors, and the amount of loot you collected would determine the PC character’s weight. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for more intimate relations with crew-members, let me just say that I have a list of ideas that I want to add to this game, and “romance” is underlined three times on it. :wink:


Great news! Glad to see that you’re developing your idea started for Game Jam even when it’s done. I’ll definitely check out new versions, cheers.

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Yeeeees Vaska romance let’s go! They said it couldn’t be done between a crippled captain and over a half-ton of alien dragon so time to prove them wrong!


Currently playing this right now, and I’m wondering what the purpose of the “Send X to Explore” option is. Does it simply increase the amount of haul they gain next time they are sent to loot? I’d appreciate some more tips here.

Basically there’s a stockpile of scrap in each part of the ship that gets depleted when a member of the crew loots it, exploring adds more stuff to the pile.

Gotcha, and could I get a few hints on how to unlock the other endings?

I just stumbled across Orstath’s ending without really knowing how? He was the first one to get too fat, so I think that might be the reason why?

In this build the endings are determined by how much scrap you get. In later builds you’ll get more dynamic endings. Some tips to maximize your loot, Hatno will get a lot of scrap early on and less the fatter he gets, and Zenni will get more scrap the fatter she gets.