Dragon Mod v1.1 - playable dragon race for FM 0.985 or newer

Dragon Mod v1.1 - Download
password: fmaster

Installation: should be straightforward, but users of Maternal-Reads’ mod should read the installation.txt. You can safely overwrite any files from older versions.

Compatibility: Should be generally compatible with any current version of FM (0.985e or 0.99), and with any other mods. DNA templates should be compatible with features/changes in Dohavocom’s or Maternal-Reads’ mods.

About Dragons

Dragons are a human-like race. They’re notably more fragile than humans, but have an uncanny beauty and cunning intelligence. Physically, they can generally be identified by their elf-like ears and scaly wings, though some attempt to hide the latter.

Much like elves, dragons age much more slowly than humans. Most dragons are physically mature by the age of 150 or 175, and there are claims of dragons living for more than two millennia.

Due to their longevity, dragons are generally less fertile than other races, but it should be noted that even with something like Daria’s blessing, it would generally take somewhere between 6-8 months of in-game time for a baby dragon to reach maturity, and without such a blessing you’ll likely never see the children grow past being a toddler.

Some dragons swear that they’re able to transform into creatures that live up to their racial namesake. In this form, they would have immense strength and endurance befitting their monstrous size, at the cost of speed and reasoning.

However, if such shapeshifting abilities existed, they would require enormous magical energy to sustain. Perhaps if you had access to items that could provide large quantities of magical energy for short periods of time, your dragon proxies might be able to briefly achieve this form, but even then repeated transformations would likely be stressful on their bodies.

Quick Guide

After a couple weeks of in-game time and your first visit to David S Rif’s home, you’ll see a letter in your base.
Read the letter.
Go visit David.
Listen to what he has to say.
Pay him 10,000 coins
Go hire dragons (two added to agency temporarily, roughly 3% chance of a dragon showing up in the agency in the future)

So this is very much WIP; I got bored and hacked some stuff together during my downtime over the last few days. No quests, new items, new areas, etc., just a simple chain that eventually allows you to pay exorbitant amounts for creatures with elf ears and scaly wings. (I do have a quest chain and unique character in mind here, but it’d be a showcase of some of the new features of my 0.99 branch and would be completely incompatible with anything else)

I view dragons as a hard mode or endgame race; they’re expensive (roughly 9k to hire), have incredibly limited combat utility, have low appearance and fertility rates, and mature incredibly slowly. But you know you want to breed those wings and ears onto your absurd chimera races.

There are some limits as to how often you can be in dragon form, but the only content restriction is that both participants in a sexual encounter have to be in human form (if you want bestiality, write it yourself). I could add things like being too big to go places, limiting conversation options, having people freak about a giant fucking dragon roaming around town, etc., but I’m lazy and don’t like working too hard without feedback.

Let me know when things break (and it IS a matter of when, not if; I’m not even 100% certain I’ve got all the necessary files zipped up) and I’ll get it fixed up. If there’s anything else you want to see here, it can’t hurt to suggest it, as long as you’re not an ass about it.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause errors when starting sex
  • Tweaked the DNA templates (more standardized heights, some small nerfs to charisma)
  • Stuff

(edit 12/28: uploaded v1.1)

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Get a load of this guy, if you were a REAL programmer you would put an insane amount of effort into something trivial then halfass the actually important part.
I wouldn’t know from experience or anything.
Anyways, this is pretty neat. FM can always use more weirdness.

Updated to v1.1

  • Fixed an issue that could cause errors when starting sex
  • Tweaked the DNA templates (more standardized heights, some small nerfs to charisma)
  • Stuff

The download can be found in the first post.

would it be possible for you to remove/reverse the low beauty/fertility, because I have seen some pretty dang beautiful dragons that have had incredible amounts of kids

Dragons should naturally have a fairly high charisma stat, although because I half-assed everything some genes will take a lot longer to mature than others. Fertility is low, but not impossibly so; I don’t plan on changing that because they’re supposed to be a rarer race, and there are all sorts of other mods that allow you to increase fertility in general regardless of race.

oh, the low appearance rate was referring to their rarity in the agency wasn’t it? also I could play in dev mode to remedy the low fertility issue myself