Dungeon AI weight game potential

For anyone that hasnt tested “Dungeon AI” you just have to try it. Its meant to be a AI to generate adventures and “normal” stories but ohhh my, when you choose a custom setting and give your 1-2 lines of stroy intro you can get pretty much everything you want.

It works with pretty much with any fetish. I currently have a game where its pretty much just me fattening up my girlfriend. And its pretty fucking amazing. After some time the AI kinda knows what you want out of certaint situations and its just perfect. It has some hicups every now and then, but with the ability to edit or redo the AI responses you can fix any small mistakes.

it goes so far that this input:

You say “You really are a horny slut arent you? My lovely horny slut.”

Can lead to this:
“You really are a horny, lovely, fat chick. I love your fat body.”
“Thank you! Thank you!” she yells as she shakes her belly in front of you.
She lays down next to you and begins to rub on your chest.
“I want you every night. I want you all day. I want you right now,” she says as she thrusts herself on top of you and begins riding on your member.

There was already a thread on AI Dungeon.
Can you write there? Or are there better reasons to leave this one?


AI dungeon thread already exists here: Ai Dungeon. A somewhat infinite text based game.

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