Dungeons, dragons and dining

In the mood for some Dungeons and dragons with a fattening twist. I’m a relatively new player who values a good story and plot. Just wondering if anyone else is looking for players?

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I would love to play unfortunately I don’t know how to play.

i like to play but i have weird style, i have that love dragon and dream mate with them… is that wrong?

I have a server set up for a thing I’m writing, might have a game pop up there eventually, fee free to DM me or check out my posts if you’re interested

id love to play dnd myself

Is it too late to join? If not send a friend request my way on discord: Simon the czech#7772

Hey man, I just saw this. If you’re still looking for people I’d be more than down to join.

I would love to play! i have this hmmmmmm javelin castle module that has wg and inflation

I always been a little interested in trying out DnD. If you need players still, feel free to message me! :slight_smile:

I would like to play if there any slot left ^^

I’m fine with running an ED&D game, if you or anybody else is interested here’s the details: TTRPG furry looking for group - Table Top Games / Looking for Groups - Weight Gaming