TTRPG furry looking for group

I don’t mind which system we use (ED&D, Voracious or some type of homebrew), and while I’d prefer to be a player I wouldn’t mind being a DM and have a campaign planned. On top of that I am a gay furry so while I do not mind if there are any non furry or female players/DM’s present, I would probably find it difficult as a DM to describe anything kinky related to them. As a few final notes, I do not mind most kinks as long as they’re not extreme, and I’m open to either an NSFW game or an SFW one. Bear in mind I also do shift work, so I’d need to work out the details before the game starts if thats alright (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays should be alright most of the time, Im in new zealand so watch out for timezones).

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I do have a server that uses a system I’ve written myself based on 5e DnD, we’re a bit low on DMs right now but I’m planning a couple one-shots and a longer adventure in the near future.


That sounds like something i’d like to keep an eye out for, thanks

Just popping in to say that I’m interested, though I wouldn’t be able to DM at the moment, due to lack of time. Can I DM for more details, or something like that?

I’ve been looking to join some other peoples groups, just in case this post didn’t work out, and unfortunately one of them accepted me to be a player, and the player slots are full. But if a player slot ends up opening up or I have some time for another game (whether because this one didn’t work out or it doesn’t take up all the time I have) I’ll send you a DM


Hi, just passing by to express that I might be interested as well.
Sadly I seem to be a little bit late, but i’d like to hear about any news regarding the current topic.

Actually, the game I was hoping to join didn’t end up working out due to time zones. I’ll be editing the post to include the time zone I’m in, probably should have included it from the beginning.

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Sound interesting can i join ?

I’d love to be part of the group, Ill just need more specifics

Howdy, certainly looking for a chance to try and get on one of these as a player for a change. Preferences work out just fine by me, and being an Aussie means timezones are pretty compatible by comparison!

Please drop me a line with a few more details if applications are still open.

Only one other persons still showing interest so theres definitely a spot for you, hoping for at least one or two other people before I start the campaign though. What kind of details did you want?

Thanks for getting back to me! I’d say probably one of the first would be regarding whether this will be done entirely through direct messaging in say, Discord, or if it’ll be using a tabletop simulator like Roll20. Also what possible times on those three days, as depending on the time is whether I’ll be able to join…

If we do end up using something like Discord at least for outside game communique, an id or some such would be nice. Even if you send it via a message or some such rather than throw it out here publicly.

I’d probably use Roll20 for making character sheets but I don’t really understand how it works, especially for ED&D content, so discord would probably be used more. Times will definitely be shaky though, my current job is 12 hour days 4 days a week, on a rotating shift, so my free time is rather chaotic. basically its a schedule over 4 weeks that repeats, with a night shift week (6pm-6am mon-thur), a chaos week (probably have to skip this one, mon-wed 6am-6pm, thursday free, fri-sun 6pm-6am yeah its a nightmare) a day week (thur-sun 6am-6pm)

so yeah, its quite likely certain weeks will have to be skipped no matter what but hopefully we can still work out a schedule

Interesting! Most of my job entails Mon-Fri work, with times ranging from 8am to 6pm, depending on the shift… Oh, and AEDT so add like, two hours to those to figure out the NZ time but still! Certainly doable, if chaotic. Heck, some games are lucky to meet once a month so that’s totally fine