Earthquake Warriors RPG game

Have you checked the fat fur game called Earthquake Warriors RPG? You can find the account here on Fur Affinity:

By the way, the game is not supposed to be an 18+ game. A quote from the developer of the game states, “Do you have a soft spot for those big, round, huggable fatfurs? Do you like the idea of tanking through crowds of enemies with your giant frame soaking up abuse? Do you admire chubby characters, but not everything that usually comes with them, like excessive flatulence? Then this game’s for you.” It also says that “This game is designed to be a tasteful fatfur game, so if you’re not huge on fatfurs, I tried not to make it too gross.”


They are on some sort of hiatus, I heard. No content updates for now.

Where did you find this info from? I didn’t see a message stating they were on hiatus.

Oh. I never saw that notice. Also why does it say SFW on the top right?

What in the world is an LZH file? Just unzipped the game and that’s what’s in there.

Use your extraction program to extract the files from the archive file.

I wish I could download this, but sadly my IP has been falsely banned by FA’s idiot admins, could you post a download link here?

The original creator of the game has created a separate topic now. Earthquake Warriors (A game where you can become huge!)

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Yes. The link is now in my Google Drive account, and should be in the link Tag365 provided. Also, I’ve decided to return working on this project.