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i kinda expected the rabbit to win, but the dragon is really good so im satisfied

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Still Waiting for the Super cute Gold Dragon Because i got some ideas for Gold Dragon’s weight levels:

First Stage: Tosses a coin in the air and as she gets bigger, her business suit will start to rip.

Second Stage: Holds two bags of Gold and as she gets Bigger, Her Hips and Bust gets Bigger.

Final Stage: Sits on a Throne Made out of Gold while wearing a Crown just like in the i am the man meme and she gets bigger as she eats.

Yeah… about that, the creator gets to pick how the character gains. For instance, the White Rabbit would’ve had an Hourglass with a big belly and been perfectly fine with flaunting her figure. It’s why the Goth gets that little smile at the final weight level of her first stage, because she was explicitly stated to hate being so thin.


Ok :smiley: so what is You’re Weight Level Ideas for Gold Dragon? :thinking:

what if i told you…
that these are, infact, not jawbreakers

I frankly have no idea what they are to begin with.

Gobstoppers made of glass? Round Meal Cakes? Blue-Ring Jaggery? I can’t figure it ouuuuut…

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The game and the image file calls it “Soda Barrier”
while the enum is “CARBONATED_FORCE_BARRIER”

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dumb tierlist i made on how easy it would be to move an adventurer at their max weight


I am proud of mountainous Fat Snek!


我选择投票给野兽兔,因为我无法在帕伦特上进行投票,只能在这上面投票了。 :sweat: