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Idk. Maybe the majority of people don’t like animals.

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I get the pun and I approve of this decision

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And now, we wait until for the Trickster and Barmaid Update.

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Her character card came out really cute. Great pose! Looking forward to seeing her in the game and serving up some violence on the monsters.

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This still seems to be an issue. When starting the game nothing loads, no images or icons, just the text. Then after a while music loads in, but is starting and stopping at random, same with images and icons. It takes ages for everything to load.
Is that a issue with the game or is it due to some setting on my browser? I tried Firefox and Chrome

Is this still happening? Is anybody else having this issue?


It’s time for another character poll. This time it’s dudes!!

Patrons can vote here:


Today is my Birthday and i was wondering, when the update for Trickster and Barbarian coming?


As outlined in this post, in my current situation it’s difficult for me to do most tasks, including uploads. Trickster and Barbarian will be added in a big update when I am able to.

For now:
The next class to be added is the Inquisitor! Because there are only three options, there will not be a final poll. This is it!

Patrons can vote here:


Wolfsbane looks splendid, hoping they win the vote. That said, the other designs also look good and I’d be happy with any of the three designs.

First Memes:

Scarlet: All it needs is Violet so we can head to Paldea!

Witch Hunter: Shhhh! Be very very quiet, i’m Hunting Witches! Laughs a line from Elmer Fudd from Loony Toons.

Wolfsbane: I heard of “wolf in sheep’s clothing” but a Wolf in Knight’s Armor. That’s Cool

Now picks and Reasons :

  1. Witch Hunter is wearing red and made by the art champ Erill!

  2. Scarlet is wearing red Hat, cape, gloves and Boots.

  3. Wolfbane is a wolf and we need more animal Adventures


Wolfsbane is the winner!


Oh wow

Fluffy got back

It’s a privilege to say the least to have a design I had a hand in making brought into the playable roster! I just hope he gets the chance to grow on you all…

…hehe, pun…:


Awooo for our WolfBane! WolfBoys And WolfGirls, Rejoice!


So far, every female adventurer has been mostly or entirely human, while every male has been a furry. This suggests that sexual dimorphism in this world operates on typical fantasy rules, by which men are commonly freaky monster races but women are always cute girls. In this essay I–


It’s time for another class poll!

Patrons can vote here:


Ok looks like we have 4 classes to pick from and only 2 classes in the male section, so I will pick beastkin even we got our wolfbane, we need more animal adventures.


i vote for druid so that we can get JoroGumo :blush:.

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Looks like Druid’s solidly in the lead. All four on the left are Erill’s designs and admittedly the one I put forward (the Cryokinetic) wasn’t the best. (Intention was 'her powers cause her to feel constantly cold. As she fattens up, she becomes happier and sheds more clothes.)

That said, the one next to the Aztec Spider, the Dragon Tamer (and Dimi the mini-dragon), is the result of a brainstorming session between the two of us, so will be voting for her (and Dimi). Also, they were drawn on stream, with Bewildered pointing out their expressions (skull helmet included) were indicative of the “Someone is going to die of fun” meme.


Well let’s just hope the spider win this one so we can get the mega update. Btw: where did you go from DA What happen?

I’ve been trying to break these habits and my DA account was a hindrance, so I got rid of it.

Suspect the Spider will probably win, but hoping for the Dragon Tamer and Dimi (named because she’s ‘dimunitive’, Erill and I spoke in times past about her thinking her full name was ‘Dimi-Uni-Tiff’, but don’t think either of us asked Bewildered about it) for reasons mentioned above. Also, she’s adorable and since the Druid class is sitting at 25, leading by 8 points, reckon you’ll see her soon. (Mainly because worried about Bewildered preferring the pictures not be publicly posted, even if she technically counts as a weapon and isn’t among the silhouettes.)

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