Eat The Dungeon General Discussion

That’s about the result I expected. I was hoping for Robot, but she came out really cute, so I can’t be too upset.

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Unsurprising, but hardly unfortunate. I will look forward to her child-bearing hips being more child-bearing-ey. Adult-bearing?


I Love Her Already! Thicc Legs For The Win Baby!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations. (Gotten to the point where I just don’t care any more.)

gives LN a hug Don’t worry my friend, since there are 2 votes left for male and female, maybe your designs might come up top . :slight_smile:

I am ready for it Bewildered_angel

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Male adventurer poll!

This will be the last adventurer poll for a few months!

Patrons can vote here:


Gentlemen Meet my pick The Spy. from TF2 meet the Spy.

Liked new characters polls but i thought that will be cool to add some level or gamemode that can scale depending on level of your characters so the people can farm levels without all-day long grind to get ~200k more points for levels. I still love this game but i cant grind more 2-3 hours in day expect weekends and want to have some more endgame options. Still glad we got so talanted people in our community like @bewildered_angel that make us happy despite all struggles in their lifes.

Hello. It’s me, annoying_rat_man. The reason why I’m on a different account is because I have had to reset my laptop and remove the C: drive. However, I have had all my data saved, so I quickly recovered my data and shot even higher than before. You thought 10 mil was high? Try 50 mil.

Now, before anyone chooses to ignore me and call me a cheater, let me tell you this - Eat The Dungeon - like most other games - can have it’s grinding reduced by recording inputs. That means there’s an easier way to grinding, but it’ll still take a while, especially if you’re shooting as high as me.
Aaaaand if you’re going for The Psychic’s 50 mil.
(Seriously, this took a day to set up and 2 months to reach with recorded inputs. This challenge is not for everyone so do NOT try this if you value what’s left of your sanity.)


does speed reduction cap at 95%?

yep, it does! i think it hits 95% at level 300 but i might be wrong

I feel like I’m missing something, I completed the tutorial, but when I click ‘Go’ in the First Course character selection, it doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t seem to matter which characters I have selected (assume I need 4), doesn’t give me any feedback on what’s going on.

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the icons of the 4 characters ARE lit up, right?

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is the game on the website updated? Everytime i open it it’s version 1.13 or something like that the last character i have is the goth girl

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Since you have 5 unlocked at the beginning, I’ve tried both ways with 4 grayed or just 1 grayed. It’s ambiguous as there’s no feedback to indicate the overall party or if you’ve made a valid selection or not, from what I see.

I’ve got plans to add additional game modes at some point, for now I’m focusing on getting caught up on content.

That’s certainly strange, what device and browser are you using?

I’m super behind on updates because I had back to back bonkers crises all last year. The last month I’ve really had my nose to the grindstone getting caught up. A big update is on the way, in maybe a few weeks.

Meanwhile here’s the magus poll. Since there are so few options, this will be the final poll for the Magus!

Patrons can vote here:


My pick is the Genie for the friend like me song ^v^

i vote for advisor it look cool.

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Firefox 122 on Windows 10.

I did manage to finally get something going, though am still confused, as had tried that before. Maybe new session, still unclear what’s “selected”.

Also saw weird visual thing where characters seemed to disappear?

Ended up getting stuck at the end of the First Course here, wouldn’t show the level summary and proceed.