I don’t know why, but my computer runs very badly, which makes me unable to play it normally.QMQ

Which part of the game runs slow? I’m not sure why the engine is throttling so bad on some devices.

I’m a tiny bit confused on something, is the full game out or is it still being worked on? and also is theskip between chapters 2 to 7 normal if so? thank you for your time to read this

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The full game is not out and it jumps around between different chapters as not to spoil everything early on while showcasing parts of the game as a demo.

speaking of which Is it ok to check on the game’s progress?
We haven’t heard from the devloper for awhile

No it’s not okay, it’s against the rules to ask for a status update on the game. And the dev just posted in the thread 10 days ago. When they have an update to share they will.

oh my bad i didnt see it

how long is the play time rn? played it a while ago and jw if new stuff was really added

Thanks for the info, have a good day!

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It’s all cool. Sorry everyone, I’m in a middle of a career change so there hasn’t been progress in these busy period. Thanks for the patience, the current playable version is still the Deception Edition from last year.


Hey no worries, glad you’re doing alright. Still looking forward to whatever you have in store!


No worries, we’ll be here patiently waiting for any news on the game

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no problem! good luck with all that and we’ll be here with patience in our hearts!

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First of all, I really like this game!

During betrayal Lilith turns into her max form.
Was that form inspired by Asylum demon from Dark Souls 1? I’ve developed PTSD from that “butt airstrike” :joy::joy::joy:

Good luck with the project!


Yes it is. Undead asylum experience simulator indeed. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thank you and I’m glad that you enjoyed it. :pray:


ngl, my heart jumps every time i see this thread get updated. i know it’s not gonna be a game update but part of me’s just too optimistic for my own good.


That’s a regular occurrence over on Eka’s… :sweat:


Pretty common in amateur gamedev in general, I’m finding, kinky or not. I can confirm that Edypos isn’t dead, at least. Shin has been posting small bits and pieces on her Discord. It hasn’t made enough progress to really warrant posting here, but it’s not over yet. Hopefully that’s good enough news to offset the Thread Update Jumpscare.