Elf Village Weight Gain Game Project

Finally decided to do a thing and make a project. It still needs a name, but I hate naming things so that’ll be determined at a later name.

You are an Elf who, due to an unfortunate accident, finds themselves residing in a village of other elves deep within a forest.
You are to help the currently quite small village survive each week and eventually expand (perhaps more than just their land).

Inspired by games like Some Bullshit and Axugaem, I hope to use this game to develop my abilities in terms of writing, game design, and sprite editing.

The first release contains the introduction and core gameplay loop of gathering resources, completing quests, and exploring. Most of the work has been completed on the games behind-the-scenes skeleton.
Right now there is very little fetish content, but there will be more added in future updates.

It has been a few years since I worked on anything creatively, so feedback on writing/characters/plot is highly appreciated.

The game will feature stuffing and weight gain using a personally edited sprite template (only the first stage is currently implemented for the main character)
Other features currently implemented include: non-traditional RPGMaker combat, and a time, day, and season function (presently only cosmetic changes)

Please report any bugs/typos/feedback you find.
Link to the game:
Elf Forest Village Game by ClickClocked (itch.io)

Some Screenshots:


this error appears when i open side quest in quest log

This is fun so far. I like the gameplay loop and how most villagers have unique benefits (or drawbacks).

And yeah looking at the forge sidequest crashes the game.

Thanks for the report.
Haven’t quite been able to figure out what’s causing the issue.
Nonetheless I’ve uploaded a “fix” to the itch.io page whilst I continue to find why it’s happening, it still looks a bit weird but should no longer cause crashes.


btw what do i do after visiting magician in cave? I should still collect berries and other edibles for village or smt else?

Once you’ve met all the village residents (spoken to each of them once, check the quest for progress) ensure you’ve donated enough resources to the box then end the week (keep sleeping until until you see a message)


Uploaded another small fix, questlog should be working correctly now.
Also fixed a script issue that was preventing the player sprite from visually reflecting how much food she’d consumed.


How much damn wood do i need? lol

Pretty fun start to the game, got a couple small bugs and a softlock though.

  • Kiara stays visible in her house at all times but you can’t interact with her
  • You can walk though the pots during the village feast
  • Softlocked in this spot:
  • There was also a light walking around the village at the same time

Just going to restart from the beginning since excess food donated doesn’t seem to have an effect (ended up with 340+ in the first week), but from what I’ve seen there’s an intriguing plot to follow here.

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I like this game the idea it works well because as you talk to earn Villager you can partner up with them and get a bonus with going out in to the woods or unlock some new places to go, so this game can be pretty fun Finding who work well which Each other and item you are going for But I hope to see how you expand on this idea.

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title idea for game: my gluttonous life as an adventurer elf

Hi, I really liked your game. I really like the idea of the game and its implementation in the early stages. And I have several suggestions regarding new game mechanics.
1.Add a satiety system for the main character and measure weight and calories accordingly. Then it will be possible to tie future events to the weight of the main character.
2. We supply the elf village with food, this is a good mechanic and I like it, but a few improvements can be made. For example, if food limits are exceeded, the weight of all residents will increase and vice versa.
3.Improving the village (improving houses, creating defenses and shops). The main character can do all this and it will help him achieve his fetishistic needs.
4. Since elves are traded in this world (if I understand correctly), we can hold a weekly auction of elves, in which, if we have money, we can participate and buy a new villager.
5.Adding full-fledged jobs for elves (village leader, miner, lumberjack, farmer, forester, and later cook and maid for fetish content)
If you want more suggestions, I can write to you separately. Sorry for the mistakes, I’m not English

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This is a neat start of a game, though you are lacking some difficulty and things to do once you complete the foraging. I would also say the pacing and worldbuilding could use some work, since you are kind of just thrown into things with little recourse, especially with a topic as heavy as elf racism and slavery.

The characters make decent first impressions and I like the idea of makign a thriving village from nothing (watch this turn into Sengoku Rance in a heartbeat once we get going. around elves, watch yourself), I just think there should be a bit more challenge to foraging, whether some traps or tougher mobs or an actual penalty to fainting.


I probably did set that a little high, will likely reduce it for the next content update. For the time being there’s no penalty to failing to gather enough food so you can just gather wood until you have enough.


Thanks for the reports.
Don’t know how I missed that light walking away but I got a good laugh when I saw it.
I suspect the soft lock was caused by the wayward light, so hopefully fixing that has killed two birds with one stone.
Donating excess food will have an effect, the work for it is complete I just haven’t enabled it for this first release.


Thanks for the suggestions.
A few of these I have setup behind-the-scenes currently, they just weren’t implemented for the first release.


Thanks for the feedback.
As I intended this to be more of an introduction/tutorial I choose to keep the difficulty as low as I could. Once past the tutorial I was planning to introduce some stronger mobs which would replace some of the existing.
As for the penalty for fainting, currently the penalty is being unable to continue gathering resources for the day. I might consider increasing that penalty to perhaps skip the day entirely or maybe even lose some items from your inventory.


Very keen on the premise, looking forward to seeing this develop! :blush:

Thats good to hear! but also my heart and soul i found out it’s the hard wood you need to get and not the regular wood. i ended up getting like 300 wood just to realize there are 2 different types. so i’d either suggest making it more clear what type of item the player needs or make it so They can reread the quest because this was heart breaking lol. still love the game tho!

Oh, good, I’m not the only one that did that… I just assumed I misread.
Yeah, why do you have different wood types? We haven’t done anything with the first one!

Another one here. I got the 200 wood, and then I realized that I got to grab another 200 more…
At least, the hardwood trees drop more, and it wasn’t that much grindy

Where do i get the hardwood from then? i just saw the normal wood

Follow the trail north, behind Iliya/leader’s house.

As per feedback I’ve made sure to highlight that fact for future releases (and include a reminder in the quest log).