Elfas hambrientas

As far as the dragon scales and secret library boss go, they’re both post game content. If you haven’t beaten the ‘final’ boss yet, then you won’t be able to trigger either. As far as a fast food worker date, I don’t recall there ever being an employee you could date specifically. Just the cosplayers. And I don’t remember the bait quest you’re talking about but I’d pay attention to what the dwarf is requesting for bait. It’s very likely something that could be substituted with a food item.

Hi, referring to this for the date:

Thanks for the heads up about the armor and library boss, I was hoping to get the armor beforehand but that is fine. Does the feast item also come after the final fight or can we get that beforehand?

This is the dwarf and I have almost all the food items in the game and Juan always says he doesn’t have anything.

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Ah, I see. Check the model’s place then. The one where you can go fishing. As for the feast item, I think you get the recipe for it for getting all the girls to max size. You have to cook it and it’s rather pricey, but it sounds like you have plenty of cash and items so it should be fine.

Hello, you see:

-The dragon scales, you get them after defeating the boss of the final castle, when you leave you will see a dragon, talk to her.

-Bad translation, or rather, they changed the sentence completely. In the original version it was a Skyrim joke, only the arrow was in the shoulder, I don’t know why they put some bait.

-It’s activated depending on if you go with Katie (the cat girl), of course the locations will be available as you progress through the game’s plot.

-It’s a battle that, like the dragon, is activated after defeating the boss of the last castle.

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Just like from the previous question in Hungry Elves, can anyone tell me what is the maximum level of this game?

I think its level 50.

Yeah, because back when I used to play it, I reach my maximum level at 50.

But I thought it was level 99 at the time.

I think that’s the default RPG Maker level, but this game seems to be capped at 50.

Muchas gracias por la ayuda :slight_smile:

Where’s the link for the translated version?

In the topic that was created for it by the translator. Hungry Elves "Stuffed" - On hiatus until further notice

Guys, does anyone know a secret code on the mystery of the underground castle How do I get out of the basement of a castle even when I knew I didn’t know how to solve a puzzle

the paintings have 6 stories, 3 of them that can be real and 3 with things that are not possible, the ones that form a coherent story is the one that gives the key. 138


estoy atascado, le he dado a salir con una chica una vez todas en la casa y no se que hacer

tenes que seguir con la historia del mundo elfo, con cada cristal, podes volver a salir en las citas

al ir a por el tercer cristal me encuentro a un perro que me dice que es el fin de la actualizacion, le hago caso o sigo?

why I can’t keep feeding the girls? I got the 4 cristals

estas jugando un versión vieja? te dejo la ultima por las dudas

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I would guess they might be playing the version in the original post. I would recommend updating the link or adding in the final release version to the first post. Otherwise people have to dig through the thread to find your completed post from 2019.