Empire Building and Weight Gain

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and it seems quite strange no one has really brought up this idea to any large capacity: There should be a weight gain game centered around a more empire management or sort of interactive novel involving royalty. Something in the vein of a more simplistic Civilization or even Paradox title seems suited- with just much more of a focus on the individual player character, similar to Crusader Kings 2, just taken to even more of an extreme. It could even be an RPG in a sense, with you playing as a variably despotic and tyrranical ruler with quite the appetite that only increases over time.

It’s a natural fit for WG. You would have plenty of access to food, plus some extra substance in the form of the empire building mechanic, which can directly tie into how much you can afford, whether it be food, expensive clothing, jewelry, or upgrades to certain parts of your empire like buildings and equipment for your armies.

Overall, I would like to see a game with a fat, domineering, selfish ruler type who only cares about themselves and getting more. I could see pampering, feeding, and all sorts of different events abound, some good, some bad that come with being a ruler with such vices and a personality type. I feel as if it would make a great dynamic for an interesting game.


Since this pushes most of my buttons. Yeah, not a bad idea at all.


Something like this has potential for pursuing the goal of progressively making the population fatter and fatter with time. You can invest in resources to get more food; bolster the economy so citizens can afford more food; spec into culinary science to make more fattening food, and dedicate funds to getting it past whatever your equivalent of the FDA is; advance medicine to keep citizens healthier at higher weights and allow them to gain weight faster; create propaganda, religious icons, and media to get people to idolize fatness as a beauty standard–and that’s just what you could do on the homefront.


I do like that idea. I do think these site could use more management games

I really like this, im honestly not sure it seems the biggest one of this sort is a ck2 mod which is still in development.

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I was mulling over the same idea quite recently. My vague thought was something like a civilization game, but instead of playing as the leader, the queen in this case, you play as her advisor. You build the empire and make decisions, and the queen would basically be treated like a “building” of sorts. You expand the empire in the name of getting as much food as possible to keep feeding the queen and making her fatter and getting some benefit in exchange, but making her fatter requires more to keep her happy so you have to keep expanding. Kind of a mix between Civ and Fat Princess.

If we’re going really ambitious, maybe you could even choose different aspects of your queen as she fattens up, where her weight falls, her personality, her looks, etc. Kind of like how you could choose different ways to construct your palace in Civilization 1.


I would be on board with something like this, especially doing the writing, it’s the sort of game I’d love to play.

I would love a game where you’re a feeder influencing your society, turning what is only your love and interest into the accepted norm of the world and making the women into submissive cows, but that’s a me thing :slight_smile:


Maybe it could be built like a mod of sorts like if made for Civ 6 it could serve as a victory if you make everyone fat (like religion or science).

As a huge fan of this sort of game I fully intend to make one later on. Ive been learning how to make complex and layered interactive systems more efficiently in my current game projects. Fingers crossed that should mean eventually I will get to a point where a game like this is possible for me and possibly a small team to make. - Still though I reckon it wouldnt be any time soon for me personally. Still I’m glad there is interest in this sort of idea, gives me hope i can try to tackle it later :slight_smile:


You mentioned Crusader Kings 2, have you not seen Failmuseum’s Fatocracy mod here: Crusader Kings 2 - 3.0's weight gain

Its very very good and I think is exactly what your looking for he’s started adding religions and is expanding it to more than just character traits and spouse interactions.


That’s really good, but it wasn’t precisely what I was talking about- morewise a game rooted much more in RPG style mechanics in a mesh with empire building ones. CK2 is an example because it does this just instead tipped more on the side of the empire building mechanics. Essentially, this would have a much higher emphasis on the individual character than it would the empire. The empire you build would morewise be a vehicle to progress your own character in their ability and obesity. Of course, there can be more emphasis placed on the empire building too- but with ideas like these I’ve learned its’ best to start with a somewhat smaller scope.


Have you played his mod, or ck2? Ck2 is already quite focused on character interactions as the vehicle for empire management and and game play, his mod takes this into the fetish adding lots of role play events with other characters like your spouse with stuffing sessions and weight gain requests. Outside of combat ck2 is all about relationships between characters and role playing the character you currently are. Compared to civilization which is all about the specific empire your playing and managing its cities, ck2 is all about the people that run the empire and its cites. I have seen a lot of talk in this thread about a mod for civilization which discribes what ck2 is when combined with Failmuseum’s mod. I would highly recommend giving it a try ck2 is free to play.

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Remind me this game I played: TFGames.Site - Information
It have a character creation/progression, developing tech, expand your capital and territory, army building and developing and some bare-boned turn fight.
The base idea is quite interesting and sould be fitting in the WG contest.


Yes, I’ve played CK2. Trust me when I say it’s not in particular what I’m looking for in terms of this. It doesn’t have that level of visceral, 1 on 1 immersion into being the character or being in a close relationship with the character combined with the aspects of empire management. There’s always that layer of separation from the character that I would enjoy being taken down in this case. In CK2, I don’t ever feel like I am the character, or that I’m serving the character. I feel I’m controlling the character’s actions or that it’s just me doing these actions. The latter is great to immerse me, but again, it’s hard to explain, but it’s not what I’m looking for with the idea I’m putting out.

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I had an idea similar to this, except it was more of a pet/harem dating sim based partially on Evil Genius, Free Cities and SFOAS. Basically, you’re a classic Medieval Fantasy Villain (Dragon King, Orc Warboss, Vampire Lord, Whatever) and one of the missions you send your minions on is kidnapping princesses to ransom off back to their parents for money and power.

Except for various reasons the Royals can’t or won’t pay the ransom and, in some cases, the princesses simply don’t want to go back to their kingdoms, so you’re stuck with a growing number of whiny spoiled brats in your dungeon to take care of. But if you made them happy, or broke their will to resist, they would grant bonuses to your kingdom: An orc warrior maiden that would train your troops, a dwarven engineer that would reduce upgrade costs, an elven sorceress that could research magic spells, that sort of thing.

Weight gain would be an optional part of the game where you could dictate how much food would go to you or the specific princesses as one method of making them like or fear you. Mostly it would be about managing your army of minions to go out and steal stuff you want or attack the other kingdoms that threaten your power, while you seduce the impressionable young maidens from the side of good to the side of awesome.

I got about as far as planning everything out before opening Gamemaker for the first time and realizing I had no idea how I was going to code all of this.


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